Seek not my own Mac & Cheese!

"Charity... Seeketh not her own..." {Moroni 7:45}

How I love Krista, a sister we used to Visit Teach, trusted me enough to shop for and with her when we visited her. Now, so many things remind me of her! We got "transferred" (if I say it that way it makes it sound more like we are sister missionaries, and we are of course on the Lord's errand, so why not!?) a couple months back and I still remember the food she likes. 
She loves this Bob Evans Mac & Cheese, it wasn't at Walmart whenever we'd go shopping, but I FOUND IT!!! the last 2 times I've gone shopping it's been there!! You know I just had to pick one up for her for Christmas and I just went again today and had to grab 2 more just for her. You totally would have too! 

Isn't it amazing how the Lord knew it was time to transfer us because we already love her enough to think of her on our own? She doesn't need us... we need her! 
Anyways... I'm excited to bring it to her and see how she is doing tomorrow. It's always busy around here but I know she will just love it!

How have you sisters felt when keeping in touch with sisters you've visit taught in the past? What's your fave experience? 

Linda Winegar

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