TableTalkCards: Questions #263 & #278

What is the best thing you've received in the mail? What's the best thing you've sent in the mail?

"A Cake!"
Honestly, the best thing I ever sent in the mail IS the best thing the Hubs said he received in the mail! Awe.... He melts my heart, how does he remember these things. Sent him a homemade Dominican Cake (Yes, my Peruvian mom taught me how to make a Dominican cake, it's our fave!) via FedEx back when we were dating, that would be back in 2000. It wasn't for his birthday though, it was a just because cake. We do that stuff when we're dating! ;) Guess I should probably send him something else since that means it was about 16 years ago. LOL 

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Linda Winegar

I've never had the best handwriting and was the only 8th grader who typed up their homework. I used my mom's old school MSDOS computer and would save it on huge floppy disks, LOL. How grateful I am to get to use a fancy Mac these days. I absolutely love designing anything to help make life easier. I've loved it since I designed my very first digital logo back in 1999 for my DJ biz. I dream of someday owning a print & copy shop, until then, you can download and use my free printables or have me personalize a digital invite from my Etsy shop for you.

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