Adding a Copyright © Symbol on Google Docs

The Copyright © symbol, why is it so hard to find where to insert it from? I'm not going to get into details about why, if you should, shouldn't or if you even have to add a © anymore. I just wanted to know how to insert the symbol and that's that! So here's what I learned.

FYI: A copyright notice should include the copyright symbol or the word "copyright", the year of first publication and the author's name, abbreviation or other way you're generally known.

Adding the Symbol in Google Docs:

Select it from here ©, copy it, then paste it where you want to put it. {Simple, yes!?}


3 Steps to Insert a Copyright © Symbol onto your Google Doc: 

Step 1:
Have your google doc open. Go to the Menu bar at the top left. Select Insert > Special Characters.

Step 2:
Then select "categories" > "Symbol" > and finally select "Misc."

Step 3:
Then just click the Copyright © symbol and you're all done!

Now, hopefully I won't forget.

Linda Winegar

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