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Welcome to my new Blog! I started VisitingTeaching.net back in January 2009 after our miracle baby boy was born, but because I'm a fidjiti kind of gal, I'm now going to use my own name in order to be more honest, save some time and allow for more growth. Joshua 1:9 is my motto!
The info below, is my bio for my VisitingTeaching.net site, I still want to share that message with you. My Visiting Teacher helped remind me who I am. Well, after she shared her Christ-like love for me through hand written cards, is when my life took a new direction! 
I’m a young (OK, OK, young at heart) wife, and mother trying to be a better person and a better Visiting Teacher, just like the rest of us. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and have been called to be a Visiting Teacher for 15 years now. I love the Visiting Teaching program and I can testify that it works. (see personal story below) By no means am I “the best” Visiting Teacher nor am I a supervisor or anything like that. Yes, I have been known to skip a month or 2, dropped the ball on some sisters and I am especially introverted when it comes to being assigned new sisters to Visit Teach, but my goal is to improve. I think Visiting Teaching is so important but it’s hard to know exactly what to do, especially if you’ve been assigned a new sister or even have 8 sisters to Visit Teach. There are several lessons, messages, discourses, scriptures, a couple of books, poems, videos and personal stories to learn from. So, I decided to start this blog to keep track of any good ideas, handouts I make for the sisters I visit Teach and other great findings into a useful place for myself and hope it can help anyone else who may want to improve their calling as a Visiting Teacher too. Feel free to comment, share your thoughts, ideas, inspiration, stories or struggles with me.Love ya,
Personal Story {lengthy version}:
When I was about 19 while I was living in Boca Raton, Florida, I was going through a rough spot in life. I didn’t have very good friends, was living on my own and had to choose to attend church for myself and not because my mom “said so.” I’ve always known The Church was true but I struggled to do the essential things in life (i.e. pray, read scriptures…), I "had" to go to a new family ward and there were no sisters my age in Relief Society or at least none that I saw the few Sundays I attended, so I know what that feels like. Of course satan was getting a good grip on me now, as if life wasn't hard enough with divorced parents and a broken eternal family, I started to skip Church and I felt sad and unhappy.
I was assigned 2 sisters to Visit Teach, who were not active and needless to say I probably spoke to one of them twice over an old school landline phone. Although, I was the worst Visiting Teacher I was assigned a Visiting Teacher who cared. I was told she couldn’t travel or leave her home so she hand wrote me letters and notes throughout each month. She also included a copy of the message with certain lines highlighted, bore her testimony and always reminded me that I was loved. I know she must have prayed for help and guidance to touch my spirit. I really did feel that she cared for me, even if she wasn’t able to visit. I looked forward to every letter from her. After several letters from her I decided I wanted to meet her and thank her for always remembering me. Unfortunately, no one could find her at church because she couldn’t leave her home, I was much to shy to call her myself or even try to visit her. Thanks to her letters I started to straighten out my life, I started doing the essentials, I attended Church, finally started participating in Relief Society and started to make new friends of all ages, who knew everyone has something we can learn from. I felt happy again and felt that I was doing the right things. I eventually met my wonderful husband while attending a CES fireside, yep I went to The Stake Center even though it was an hour away! My testimony of Visiting Teaching was strengthened because I knew it worked for me, so I’ve decided I would try to be a better Visiting Teacher like the angel who watched over me.
Unfortunately, I never saved any of the letters my angel sister sent me, I was never able to meet her, to thank her in person, nor do I remember her name but she’ll always have a special place in my heart. I get emotional just talking about her. I just hope someday she’ll know what a blessing she was in my life and what a great Visiting Teacher she was to me. She magnified her calling, was indeed my Angel sister and now it’s time I do the same.
This is my meager attempt at it, so bare with me.

Although I've included a few other things I love on this new LindaWinegar.com site, the focus is still the same, to become a "good and faithful servant" of the Lord and to maybe just maybe, be an angel sister to the sisters who surround me.

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