The Visiting Teaching Movie

So, here's a video which totally depicts the Dos and the Don'ts of Visiting Teaching. Made me LOL (laugh out loud).

Which one(s) have you've done in the past? and How did you make it up? Don't be shy!

I've done a drive by before. Not proud of it, but I have. :( But I've also redeemed myself by helping to clean someone's house when they were moving out. See, we always have room to grow and improve our Visiting Teaching efforts.

Here's the link to the high resolution video.


  1. I don't care what anyone says...when we have preschoolers at home Visiting Teaching can be VERY difficult. Sitters are really hard to find, especially during the day when the YW are in school. If we're lucky enough we may have a good friend or neighbor who will tend for us witout money, or have someone we can trade off with, but that isn't always the case.
    Maybe a "sitters' list" could be given to all the teachers and they could call and arrange with those who are willing to watch without pay. If you can, VOLUNTEER your services to those sisters with children you feel you can handle for a few hours.
    Scheduling visits on the same day each month, EARLY in the, the first or second Tuesday, or whatever day of the week works, makes it easier for others to sit your children if they know ahead of time what day to set aside. I have volunteered to sit other sister's kids while they go teaching, but haven't been taken up on it so far. Some sisters find it really hard to leave a small child...and some kids don't like to be left!
    Pre-schoolers tend to get sick an awful lot as well. I don't feel comfortable taking my kids to a sitter's home (and definately NOT to a sister's) when they are ill, which seems to be 80% of the time in the winter months. Sometimes my companion ends up going alone and sometimes I do ( today). The goal is 100% visiting it's better to go alone or with a sub than to cancel.
    BUT, is it okay to take kids if that works better? What if the sisters you visit say to bring them (becuase they've been there and know how hard it is otherwise, and they like the play-dates for their own children)? I know we're trying to create an atmosphere where the Spirit can attend, so if the children are playing well in another room is that legal or should we still try to find a sitter?

  2. I take my kids with me but, I try and remember to bring a snack and have them sit at the table or a little toy they can play with. In my opinion if you take your kids just be respectful of your sister's home and clean up anything she said they could play with. Don't let them run around or interupt you as you are talking to your sister. It is about being courteous and teaching your kids manners.
    Also, a great idea I read about once was asked your sisters if they mind if your kids come along, just once again don't let them be out of control!!!