Basic Companion Equation

companionsMy companion and I have an equation set up for making appointments, preparing & sharing the lesson, and bringing treats. (I believe all Visiting Teachers should bring some kind of treat, but that's just me.)

Basic Visiting Teaching Equation:

  • Comp 1 = Lesson + Lesson Enhancer if Desired

  • Comp 2 = Make Appointments + Treats if Desired

This has worked for us for over a year and we find it's easier when you outline these ground rules at the beginning of your calling together as Visiting Teachers. We take turns each month.

Now, there will be the occasional companion that needs a little encouragement or needs to overcome her fear or shyness. Help your companion feel more comfortable by letting her bring treats to the first appointment, then schedule the appointments and share the lesson yourself, letting her know that next time she will schedule the appointments and bring treats. You know, just make adjustments based on your personalities and needs and always remember to pray about it to find what will work best.

What's worked for your companionship?

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