Now & Later House

Here's yet another fun way to remind your sisters of our duty as women of The Church to Uphold, Nourish and Protect the Family, further enhancing this month's Visiting Teaching Message. Click on the images or links below to download the PDF files and print them at home using your own paper or cardstock.

Front Text: "Home is a haven against the storms and struggles of life. When we...Uphold, Nourish & Protect the Family."

Back Text: "NOW is the time to get our house in order, so that LATER we will enjoy the blessings of an eternal family." Followed by the 2nd quote in this month's Visiting Teaching Message which is by Julie B. Beck.

Instructions are on the front side. This enhancer is meant to be printed double sided on cardstock.

Download Front Side PDF & Download Back Side PDF

nowandlaterhouse nowandlaterhouse-back

Note: This idea was obviously inspired by Pioneer Party & Copy which is located in Lehi, UT. I know they ship their Visiting Teaching message enhancers but because there is no longer time for some of us (out of staters) to buy these wonderful houses they have made, I figured I'd help out and digitally design my own and make it available for you all to download for free. If you ever find a Visiting Teaching enhancement idea on another site or just think of one yourself and wish you could have it available to print at home, just let me know and I can see if I can design something similar. Then I can make it available for the rest of the Visiting Teachers out there.

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