RAK: Serve, so love can grow

yards_of_helpfulnessMost of us are not assigned to visit teach sisters we know and who we may already be friends with.

In 2004 I was assigned to visit teach Hazel with a companion who couldn't always come. I didn't know Hazel at all before the assignment she was a return missionary, so I automatically thought there was nothing I could teach her. What could I, one who doesn't know the scriptures and gospel as well as she does, teach her. She was also super smart and had a college degree, which I do not. So, I already knew this assignment would be hard. I didn't know how to be her friend and visiting with her was very of awkward for me, especially if I had to go alone.

Anyways, I prayed in order to be guided in finding a way for me to love her. Love someone I didn't know. It was summer time and she told me in one of our visits that she had just gotten a lawn mower, the manual ones. What?! I'd never even seen a manual one before, it looked like the ones farmers used from at least 20 years ago. I felt this had to be my queue. I started to mow her lawn, she lived a couple blocks down so I would just walk my lawn mower down to her house and mow her small front yard, so that she didn't have to worry about doing it with the manual one. There is no way that thing even cut grass.

Doing this service for her and thinking of how it would help her throughout her week, made me feel good. After doing it for a couple weeks I started to feel a love grow for her which I never thought I'd have for someone so different and who I didn't even have anything in common with. We eventually moved from the ward but I ended up helping with her Baby Shower, doing crafts together and had much better visits after I grew to love her. Sometimes we have to find other ways to love people besides just going to their home and sharing the lesson with them.

If you ever feel like you just don't care for someone enough...try to serve them. I'm not the best Visiting Teacher but I know that serving definately helped me to love someone I didn't even know. There's a scripture about that somewhere, but don't know it by heart. Chime in if you know it. I just have to remember to serve the sisters I have now, more often.

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