Scripture Reading Calculators

Hm, what if I want to read the entire Book of Mormon in 30 days, 60 days or by April 27th? How many pages per day will that be or how many chapters will I need to read each day to meet my goal? I found some pretty cool tools which will help me with these and other scripture reading goals. Check them out!


Here's a chart of exactly how many pages and chapters each book has.

  • Book of Mormon: 531 Pages / 239 Chapters

  • Doctrine & Covenants: 291 Pages / 138 Chapters

  • Pearl of Great Price: 59 Pages / 15 Chapters

  • Old Testament: 1184 Pages / 929 Chapters

  • New Testament: 403 Pages / 260 Chapters

  • Entire Standard Works: 2468 pages / 1581 Chapters


Here are some scripture reading calculators to help you meet your goals based on the amount of pages or chapters you want to read and to finish in a certain amount of days.

1. Scripture Study Calculator - Enter days to finish and it'll tell you how many pages or chapters you need to read and vice-versa.

2. Scripture Reading Planner - Enter dates and it'll provide you with your very own personal scripture reading plan.

3. LDS scripture reading and Social networking - This is a great site which will remind you what you need to read and you can check your progress as well as invite friends and family to read the scriptures with you. Not official LDS site.


4. New for 2012! - Read all the standard works in 365 days. Free printable chart! by Motivated Mommas

"HOW IT WORKS: For this schedule, you'll read the Book of Mormon and the Bible together... a few pages of each, each day. When you take a look at the schedule, it should make sense.  Just follow along day by day.  You'll read between 5 and 8 pages per day. Some of the numbers may seem confusing at first.  Here's a clip from the schedule with explanations that should make it easier to follow:"

"It takes 21 days to form a habit. My experience has been to never allow yourself to fall more than two days behind.  Bless your efforts." If you don't start January 1st, THAT'S OK!!    Just follow the schedule... starting whichever day you start... and you'll end NEXT YEAR on THAT DAY!

Special thanks to all those sites which make it easier for me to make righteous goals. These tools will definitely make it easier for me & my family to read the scriptures and be able to meet our goals in a more organized fashion. I just love lists and being organized! God speed with your scripture reading goals this year and for years to come!

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