Scripture Reading Charts

To motivate your sisters, and maybe even yourself, to "search the scriptures diligently" I went out into the World Wide Web in hopes of finding some sweet scripture reading charts. I found a ton! So, instead of creating my own, I will post the good ones I found here with their respective websites so you all can decide which one best fits the needs of the sisters you Visit Teach.

Click on the images to download the PDF.

1. LDS Scripture Reading Charts (all 4) by: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-1 visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-2 visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-3 visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-4

2. Book of Mormon Reading Chart in shape of a Temple (2-up) by:


3. Scripture Reading Chart Bookmarks (all 4) by: Rachel Woods at - Print Old Testament double sided.

visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-6 visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-7 visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-8 visiting-teaching-scripture-chart-9

4. Book of Mormon Reading Chart for Stickers by: Lacey Lou


5. Book of Mormon Reading Chart in 90 Days by: Rachel Woods at


6. Book of Mormon Reading Chart for Children by: Sally Cary - This is a MS Word Document. Click the image to download it but check the site if you need further instructions. It's a very cute booklet!


7. Unique Book of Mormon Reading Chart by: Sugardoodle


8. Hand drawn Book of Mormon Reading Chart by: Melanie Day


If you have created your own chart and want to share it with others here, contact me and attach your file so I can post it here for you, as well as provide a link back to your site should you want one.

Design your own Scripture Reading Chart! w/ Lettering Delights Images

Use fun digital graphics and super cute fonts to create your own Reading chart or even some cute Bookmarks for the sisters you Visit Teach. They have a freebies section and sales all the time. I love digital products because you can always use them again and again and you never run out. If you don't have a color printer or ran out of ink, just send your file over to your local print shop and they can help you print it out. :)


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  1. HI!!
    I would love to create my own reading chart using Lettering Delights....Can you get me started with a simple how to? Are you thinking using a cute graphic we then color in? Enlarge a font and color it in? Help! It sounds so fun but I don't know where to begin.