Shamrock Heart Handout

So this month's handout is inspired by a shamrock / 4 leafed clover. As usual, just some quotes were selected to fit into the handout. I hope this will be a fun thing to give to your sisters so they can remember the lesson. Includes quotes from this month’s Visiting Teaching Message - Uphold, Nourish, and Protect the Family - Ensign, Mar 2009



Download the 4 page PDF file here.


Just print using black ink but print the first 2 pages on green cardstock. Then follow the really easy instructions on the 1st page of the PDF file.

In my completed sample shown above, I inked the edges. This is because I wasn't very successful in cutting within the lines so instead of trying to trim them down even more I just decided to ink the edges with a black stamp pad.

Note: I found this idea from a seller on Etsy, I simply looked at the idea and took time to design my own shamrock with the quotes I picked out in Photoshop myself so others could download & print it for free. But if you'd like to buy it click here (the link I had here no longer works, so I removed it, 02-01-2010). No, I don't know the seller.

Let me know what you all think.


  1. Wow! Look at this way awesome web-site that you are doing! I remember seeing visiting teaching things on your blog, but this is the first time I have been here to this site. I love the shamrock idea and am going to come here often to get more ideas. I also loved your visiting teaching personal experience.

  2. I really love your site and am glad I found it - solely for the reason that I will visit often for uplifting and fun ideas. Thanks for putting something so great together.