Treat Tuesday #2


Today's Treats!


6. Picture of a clown with a wrapped "fireball" candy glued to the nose: "No clowning around, we love being your Visiting Teachers." Click here to print the Clown PDF.

visiting-teaching-cookiebags visiting-teaching-cookiejar

7. Cookies or Cookie Mix Jar: "Wishing you a...(Happy Birthday, Great Week, fun day....) from your "Crummy" Visiting Teachers." You don't have to but you can click here for detailed instructions on how to make this super cute cookie bag. Click here to view a cookie jar recipe if you don't already have one.


8. Rope: "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on we'll come running!" (be sure to include both you and your companion's contact info.)

Once again, let me know how these work for you and for sure let me know if you have any ideas for treats.

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