Treat Tuesdays #1

visiting-teaching-treat-tuesSo, I've decided that every Tuesday I'll post a few inexpensive treat/gift ideas with fun matching quotes which can be given to the sisters you Visit Teach and even your friends to let them know you're thinking of them. You can use these for almost any occasion all year long. I consider anything a treat, edible or not. Hope you like them, I'm sure most of you will have heard some of the fun quotes before but here goes our first few...

Format is as follows... Treat/Gift Item: "Fun quote to be attached to the treat."

Today's Treats!


1. Bananas: "We just went Bananas when we heard we were no longer your Visiting Teachers." (I will be using this one because our ward just split and therefore will be assigned new sisters to Visit Teach.)

2. Bar of Soap: "Just a little visit with you washes away the blues."


3. Bundle of anything (towels, fruit, scrapbook supplies, cookies): "Just a bundle of thanks for being flexible with your schedule."


4. Juice Pitcher: "We pitcher you having a ton of fun on your trip."


5. Pack of Seeds: "Our love for you just keeps growing!" (Click here to download the PDF to print at home there is no text written on it so you can use it for any occasion.)

Let me know what you think, if you use any of them or if you have your own Treat ideas to share.

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