What is The Book of Mormon?

Has a sister you Visit Teach ever asked you that? (Yes, some may ask you this because they may not remember, especially if they haven't gone to church in a long while.)  Has anyone ever asked you that? Can you answer that question accurately and would you be happy with the way you answered it? I sure can't. I've read The Book of Mormon several times now, but I still couldn't tell you all of the stories and facts without messing up. I probably couldn't even tell it to you in order. (not something I am proud of...still working on it and that's why I need to read it everyday.) I found this awesome video on MormonsMadeSimple.com that explains The Book of Mormon in a simple and understandable way. After watching this video I feel it will help me explain to others what The Book of Mormon is and maybe take the fear out of answering the question, "What are you reading?" It will help me not to be so shy about sharing the message of Jesus Christ which is found in such a wonderful book. Well, I'm off to watch the video a couple more times to make sure I get it, and then I won't have to feel scared about reading The Book of Mormon in public.

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