Why "Treasure" the Scriptures?

This month's Visiting Teaching message to Search the Scriptures Diligently is great! I'm sure most of us could spend a little more one on one time with our scriptures, especially me. I'm glad I get to find fun and creative ways to motivate myself and others to read and search the scriptures more.


Here's a cute mini Treasure Chest Printable which includes just a few reasons taken from the message which tells us why we should "treasure" the scriptures.


Download Printable PDF here


  1. Print in color on white or light colored cardstock.

  2. Cut out treasure chest, 4 gems & key quotes. Each 3”x1” inches.

  3. Score and fold treasure chest on dotted lines.

  4. Adhere tabs on outer edges of treasure chest.

  5. Place the “gems” & key inside the chest.

When my husband and I taught in the Primary we loved finding fun ways to teach the kids and when I read this month's message, this Sharing Time lesson popped into my head and I knew what I wanted to make for the sisters I Visit Teach. Taken from a Sharing Time lesson found in the June 2000 Friend Magazine titled "One of God's Greatest Gifts." I did have to enlarge it a bit and add a few of this month's quotes to make it work. Hope you like it.

I haven't made mine yet but I'll post a picture of it when I do or if you've made it already send me a picture of how yours turned out and I'd be happy to post it here for all to see.


  1. I came across this by accident--if there are such things! What a great site. I cannot wait to let our VT coordinator know about it. Do keep sending those great ideas on line. It's exciting to learn of such talents available for us to use.