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by Molly from Her 2 cents on April's Visiting Teaching Message to "Search the Scriptures Diligently."
"I remember as a young single woman, feeling like I really wanted to be able to read the scriptures in a way that would keep me focused on reading, yet, not put me in a position where I felt like I "had" to read them a certain way. I am kind of funny that way
if I feel like I have to do something, chances are that I won't be too thrilled about doing it. But, on the other hand, if I have a choice of how or when I do it, then I am usually more likely to do it, and more enthused about it.

You know, once I decided that reading the scriptures my way was better than not reading them at all I found that I read more often and I read for longer periods of time each day. One of the messages I got from this months lesson is that as long as we are reading, it doesn't matter where we start, how long we read, but that we liken them unto ourselves.

The 4 Things that I Really Took From This Month's Message:

1. Recommit Ourselves To Reading the Scriptures
2. Treasure The Scriptures
3. Liken The Scriptures Unto Ourselves
4. Pray..." click here to finish reading all of Molly's thoughts on this Month's Visiting Teaching message.

anissa"Molly" is a Visiting Teacher, owns and runs and is a regular contributor and consulting editor to Married with 3 kids, used to do her own make up, jewelry, and put on her pantyhose while driving to work. Loves to read, swim, scrapbook, shop…and watch movies. I am so grateful to her for being willing to share her personal thoughts with me and the rest of the Visiting Teachers out there here on and I will be featuring her thoughts here monthly for all of us.

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