Scripture Nugget Labels

Here are some candy labels with a few quotes from this month's Visiting Teaching message which will convince or just remind chocolate lovers to "Search the Scriptures Diligently" or "treasure the scriptures." You can print these fun labels in color or black & white (see PDF below) then wrap them around your Visiting Teachee's favorite kind of "Hershey's Nuggets" or "Hershey's Treasures" chocolates.

These are what those nugget chocolates look like if you don't remember. (Let's hope the candy is on sale because Easter has passed.)

visiting-teaching-nuggets visiting-teaching-treasures

The PDF file has 6 different quotes on 6 different labels but there are 30 labels total on 1 sheet, so you'll get to have 5 sets of 6 when you print just 1 page. (Hope that made sense.) Just click on the Image below to download the PDF.



  1. Print the sheet on either an Avery Address Labels sheet Template #5160 or just on a regular piece of paper or solid colored paper

  2. Peal each label and wrap around your chocolate Hershey's Nuggets or Treasures or if you printed it on paper, cut each label to approx 1" x 2.63" and then adhere it to each chocolate with double-sided tape or glue.

  3. Then gift to your sisters in a baggie, include them inside the "Treasure Chest Printable"  or print out a "Matchbox Template." to gift it to your sisters.

This is what they will look like when you're all done: (Fun huh?)


You can also use these candies as treats for your family members. Put one on their pillow so they remember to read their scriptures before they go to bed. Who doesn't love a treat before going to bed?  Enjoy!

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