Scripture Nuggets Matchbox Template

This is a template which you can print, cut and fold into a cute little matchbox. There are 3 pieces; a drawer, a slip cover & an embellishment all on 1 page. You can fit 6 Hershey Nuggets or Treasures perfectly into the drawer! Great way to gift your chocolates! Click here to view the "scripture nugget labels."

I've created the sample using plain white cardstock just to help make it look generic for any occasion. However, feel free to print it on patterned cardstock to make it look even cuter!





Click on the image below to download the Matchbox Template PDF file. (Only 1 page, instructions will print on the same sheet.) Print it in color to have the embellishment print in color or print it in B&W if you don't need it or don't have color ink.


I'd love to see how creative you ladies get with your Matchboxes and how my template is being used so contact me and upload a picture of what you've made. Feel free to share this template with anyone for free but make sure to give me proper credit, cause it did take a while to create, don't worry it was fun. ;)


  1. Thank you so much for that really cool idea. the match box template :-)

  2. i have been looking all over for affordable already made matchboxes.
    Since i have not been able to find any for under .50 each, plus post. i will try making my own. Will keep me form eating i guess. =))

    in he meantime, if anyone reads this and knows of an affordable source for buying them, let me know please.

    thanks for the template.
    I'll try to remember to show you what i have done.


    barbara jean

    PS Scripture nuggets!!
    What a wonderful idea!0)

  3. Hi, just saw your post, I know it has been some time since you posted but thought I would post anyways. I have started decorating matchboxes that I purchase from the Dollar Tree or Walmart, both cost about $1 for 10 boxes. They are actual box of matches, I just discard the matches and cover the boxes and line the drawer then embellish the top. Hope this helps.