Treat Tuesday #4


Phew, made it with 22 min to spare! LOL This week I decided to add Matching Printable Tags (see PDF below) to go along with each fun Treat Tuesday quote. So, now you don't have to make the tags yourself, I'll make them for you. (Unless of course, you want to create more work for yourself, who does that?) Just print it on cute paper or cardstock and cut out the tag you need for the "treat" you'll be giving.

Today's Treats!

visiting-teaching-can visiting-teaching-soda

13. Can of something- You can do it! "If ye have faith ye can do all things" - Moroni 10:23


14. Spool of thread: "Friendship is the thread used to weave the material of life."

15. Lollipop or Candy: "A visit with you makes our life sweeter."


16. Any soda: "We're soda-lighted to be your new Visiting Teachers!"


17. An Apple: "You're such a polished gal."

Download this week's Treat Tuesday Tags Template PDF by clicking the image below, so you can print it on cute paper and add it to your gifts more easily. Each with a different font!


  1. Just print on cute paper or cardstock

  2. Cut it out. (Cut within the lines so the lines don't show.)

  3. Punch a hole and use ribbon or tape to add it to the treat.

  4. Don't forget to sign both of your names when gifting so they know it came from their Visiting Teachers.


For realz...I want to see pictures of your fun treats which you've given out or else I won't post another one. At least 1 picture. I even gave you the tags. Please? Fill out the form here and upload your pic. Thanks! :)

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