Treat Tuesday #5


Remember, I've created some Matching Printable Tags (see PDF below) for you to go along with each fun Treat Tuesday quote.

Today's Treats!


18. Any sweet Treat: "You're so Sweet...having you as Visiting Teachers is really a treat! Have a great week."


19. Berries: "We're berry lucky to Visit Teach such a wonderful gal."


20. Duster: "We're dust so excited to be your new Visiting Teachers!"

21. Tulip: "It's never Tu-lip to do your Visiting Teaching."

visiting-teaching-dough visiting-teaching-dough2

22. Refrigerated Cookie Dough: "Everyone needs a little extra dough in this economy. Dough-n't spend it all at once!"

Download Printable Tags:

Download this week's Treat Tuesday Tags Template PDF by clicking the image below, so you can print it on cute paper and add it to your gifts more easily. Each with a different font!


  1. Just print on cute paper or cardstock

  2. Cut it out. (Cut within the lines so the lines don't show.)

  3. Punch a hole and use ribbon or tape to add it to the treat.

  4. Don't forget to sign both of your names when gifting so they know it came from their Visiting Teachers.


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  1. For your idea #22 you could also use donuts!

  2. Thanks Pam! for sure, even easier to use donuts. I think our donut shop is closer than the store. Can you tell I'm a bit lazy? I don't like taking the time to make the dough. LOL <3 Linda