Botões em Português

At the request of Raquel, a super cute Brazilian Visiting Teacher, I've turned Linda & Michele into Professora Visitante Buttons! If you'd rather advertise your love for Visiting Teaching in Portuguese, just pick the button which you like best.

To display the button just copy all of the html code in the box below the button you want and paste it into your blog. Or in other words just add an html widget to your layout and paste the text in it! If you need to adjust the size of the button to fit your blog or site, just replace "165" with whatever will fit best.

Have fun! Hope you like them.


  1. Linda!!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!! And I can translate the instructioons for you!!! But I can do this only next week... I love your service!!! Thank you for help us to be a great visiting teachers!!!! (my english is not very good, but i'll try help you with everything...)

  2. Thanks Linda! I'll change the button on my blog and let the Sisters know.

  3. Linda
    Thanks ... I use my blog to see everyone!
    my sisters here love the markers of the message this month ... stay well!