Flower Pot Card w/ Bookmarks

The month we have all been waiting for, General Conference Message Month! Just 2 months out of the year are my favorite and, at the same time, most difficult months out of the year. I guess I find it just a bit overwhelming to choose just 1 message which applies to each sister I Visit Teach. That's probably why they say we need to pray about it. With over 30 talks to choose from I'm bound to find something that applies to any and all of the sisters I Visit Teach.


For this month I designed a Flower Pot Card with Bookmarks (so appropriate for May and Moms). I chose to include quotes from the First Presidency, because you can never go wrong when you quote them. So that's 3 different talks! It'll give the sisters a little taste of what Conference was about and get the sisters excited about reading more. Feel free to use this Flower Pot Card if you'd like, but don't feel obligated to only share the messages which are on the bookmarks. Remember, we must pray about it. You can share a different message with the sisters you Visit Teach. These quotes may not be exactly what your sisters need but they are still great quotes and make the perfect little gift. Who knows I may or may not end up using different quotes for the sisters I visit teach, still have a few more messages to review.

Here are the talks which were chosen:
Be Your Best Self - President Thomas S. Monson (Yes, ladies it's from the Priesthood session, they talk about stuff that applies to us too you know. Remember...liken to yourself!)
Adversity - President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency
The Way of the Disciple - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency

Flower Pot Card Instructions:

  1. Download Flower Pot Card PDF & Flower Bookmarks PDF (click image files below)

  2. Print in color on white or light colored cardstock.

  3. Cut out Pot and pick the tag you will be using.

  4. Fold Card in half and add a little tiny bit of adhesive on the top right and left corners to keep it together.

  5. Write your names on the back of the card.

  6. Cut out each bookmark (carefully around the flowers) Flower Bookmarks PDF and insert them in through the top of the pot with the flowers facing the front.

  7. Adhere the tag to the front of the card with glue, ribbon, brad or staple. (be careful to only adhere the tag to the pot and not the rest of the bookmarks.

visiting-teaching-flower-pot1 visiting-teaching-flower-bookmarks1

If you are having a hard time choosing which talk to use, here's another gift idea from Hand Picked Daisy. She's made this super cute kit and it includes a quote from "Finding Strength in Challenging Times" by Elder Allan F. Packer as well as a recipe. You can order these convenient ALREADY MADE Visiting Teaching kits from Hand Picked Daisy, they are only $4.


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  1. Hi, my name is Danielle and I'm from Brazil. I just had to say this flower pot is sooo cute. I loved it! I'm going to let my Brazillian friends know about it. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. obrigada, Que otimo! (my Husband wrote that.) So glad you like it. Wow, Brazil! I have kept meaning to translate a few of the handouts into Spanish & Portuguese but somehow the time just flies by. Now, that it's a conference message month I might be able to do it because sisters will be able to use these bookmarks all year. :) Love, Linda

  3. Linda.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I read it often.
    I love the pot and flower bookmarks. I made them up right away to give out to my sisters. I think it will help them with there own visiting teaching. Thank you so much
    Linda Joy

  4. OOPS!!!! on the star thing!!! I don't know how that works and meant to give you 5 stars but I guess you DON'T touch them one at a time. So sorry I hope you can fix it. I'm afraid to try again for fear I'll mess it up more.
    Linda Joy

  5. No worries about the stars! I'm so glad you liked the pot with bookmarks and so glad you could use them right away. Amazing, you're one of those early birds, way to go! Thanks for being a great example to us all.

  6. Linda, that would be great if we could edit the flower bookmarks so that we would translate them into Portuguese. I love you blog!!! have a nice week!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! I used it last month and got oodles of love about the cute things I was adding to my visiting teaching rounds. The reason I decided I had to do something more was so I could make an extra one to give to my sister-in-law who is {this close} to coming back into the fold. I think this flower pot will be sweet for my sisters and my sister! Thank you!

  8. Jenn,
    That is so great! I sure hope your sister likes the flower bookmarks. :) Thanks for your feedback!
    Love, Linda

  9. I loved these. Thank you so much. They turned out so cute. I have 5 sisters and ended up making 13 of these to hand out. They are just soooo cute!

  10. Shawnalee,
    Wow!!! 13 that's awesome! I am so glad you were able to use them and give them out. You are seriously an inspiration to me.
    Have a great rest of the week!
    Love, Linda

  11. I love everything you do. I have be wanting to know how to make beautiful things like these. Can you tell me what program you use or where I can go to learn how to do great things like this too. You do amazing handouts and my VT sisters and I appreciate it!
    Thank you!!

  12. Alisa,
    Thanks for the compliment! You're so generous. I use an image editing program called Adobe Photoshop CS3 & a layout program called InDesign CS3 to design and layout the free printables. It's similar to digital scrapbooking but I like to call it desktop publishing because I don't just use scrapbooking things. I am sure you could do the same using other less technical programs, I definitely do not use Photoshop to it's fullest potential. You could then find free tutorials online like on YouTube depending on what you wanted to actually do. I just started out making basic fliers and business cards in 1999 for fun. I am finally to the point where I feel comfortable sharing my files with others. I know they aren't the best and there are others who are so much more talented but I love to do it. So, just start with something easy like adding text to a picture and you'll be on your way! I hope this helps you. ♥ Linda

  13. Luzia Marcok de LacerdaMarch 14, 2011 at 5:40 AM

    Ola, eu gosto muito de visitar seu site, ele e muito inspirador e me da ideias incriveis, preciso de ajuda de meu marido para traduzir o que nao consigo, mas, escrevo-lhes para dizer que seu site/blog e muito especial e dar-lhes os parabens por tao imporante ferramenta paranos ajudar a aprimorar nossas ideias e como servir nossas irmas. Thank you!!!