General Conference Visiting Teaching (May '09)

Where's May's Visiting Teaching Message? This month we have the privilege to share a conference address (or if you're like me share several quotes from a few different conference addresses) with the sisters we Visit Teach. The Church states "Because the May issues of the Ensign and Liahona contain a report of general conference, the magazines do not contain a specific Visiting Teaching Message. Visiting Teachers are encouraged to prayerfully select a conference address to share with those they teach."

The Church makes it so easy for us to review the messages, doctrine and counsel which was taught during conference. You can read, watch and listen online! How easy is that? I was so edified by all of the messages. I was excited to review them again and couldn't wait till Thursday of that week to review some of the messages which touched my heart. I happened to be "tweeting" during the Sunday sessions of Conference (aka #LDSConf) and loved this new experience. It also happened to be the top "Trending Topic" for Sat and Sun, way to go LDSConf! Anyway, I like finding new ways to keep myself focused on conference and this kept me awake, alert, excited and I could even quote some of the lines which stood out to me from various speakers (I never remember lines). Regardless of how I watch, listen or read conference addresses, the important thing is that I review them and keep the teachings in my heart so I can do and share what I've learned. This has been the most memorable Conference ever and look forward to sharing it with the sisters I/we visit Teach.

I've created this "@ A Glace" sheet to make it easier to recognize the messages which were shared during the sessions of conference. Included is a picture, title and name for each of the messages given. Feel free to share these with the sisters you visit teach to encourage them to review the messages which were shared. The file is in PDF and there are 2 pages. Click image to download file.

1st page - Sat & Sun sessions

2nd page has the general Young Women and Priesthood Sessions, however the 2nd page needs to be cut into 3rds.


Read, Watch or Listen to General Conference



  1. WOW! THis is amazing! Thank you so much for all your great ideas!
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  2. Wow, thanks Joy! Glad you like it. You're too sweet. ♥ Linda