Treat Tuesday #7 Part 1


Just found out that Oprah is giving away free chicken. Free 2 Piece Grilled Chicken Meal from KFC! Quickly go and print it now before time runs out. and print 4 coupons for yourself, the sisters you Visit Teach or anyone else you can think of.

Must be printed before 9:59pm (CDT) tonight (May 5th) but the coupon is good until May 19th (excluding Mother's Day).

Print it 4 times!!!!! One coupon per person. The coupon can be used at participating KFCs.

Ideas on how to use the Free Meal coupons: (who doesn't want free food?)

  • Give it to the sisters you Visit Teach in case they don't have a printer at home.

This can be a great way to contact them, you know they will love you for thinking of them. Even just telling them about this link and making sure they know about this deal is being a good Visiting Teacher.)

Give it to a needy person. Give it to family. Give it to me! Seriously I know you can find someone who will use it.


Have your printer on and ready to print. Click link 4 separate times so you can print it 4 times:

Oprah would be the best Visiting Teacher ever (even if she doesn't know it yet), giving everyone free chicken dinners, how sweet! Wish I could do that. Question: Do you have to be LDS to be a Visiting Teacher or can ladies within each ward's boundary volunteer to be Visiting Teachers even if they are not, hmm?

Anyways, Print it 4 times by 9:59pm (CDT) today and enjoy some free meals before May 19th 2009!

Happy Treat Tuesday, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! LOL, we all love free food.

Share this to everyone you know.

Check out the "Oprah" Visiting Teaching Button. Grab her button here.


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