Treat Tuesday #11 - Pray un-See's-ingly Wrapper


Today's Treat is so great, it's also a great enhancer.

53. See's Candy Bar: Pray unSee'singly by Audra

This was submitted by, yet another one of my new BFFs, Audra Simpson from Apple Valley, CA. She came up with this very clever Treat Idea from the June 2009 Visiting Teaching Message and has taken time to create and design this cute Candy Bar wrapper which includes a quote by President Thomas S. Monson.
“As we offer unto the Lord our family and our personal prayers, let us do so with faith and trust in Him. Let us remember the injunction of the Apostle Paul to the Hebrews: ‘For he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.’ If any of us has been slow to hearken to the counsel to pray always, there is no finer hour to begin than now” (“A Royal Priesthood,” Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2007, 61).

The See's candy bar wrapper also includes the following scripture: 3 Nephi 20:1
"And it came to pass that he commanded the multitude that they should cease to pray, and also his disciples. And he commanded them that they should not cease to pray in their hearts."

This wrapper fits perfectly around the Standard See's Candies candy bar. It's thinner than the normal candy bars so be sure to get the good stuff (a real See's Candy Bar). Their candy bars start at $1.50 so it really is a great Visiting Teaching Gift and won't break the bank.

I want to thank Audra again for submitting this amazing idea, providing the free printable to go with it and even going out and buying the See's candy bar to make sure it all looks great when we go to make them.  Perfect!

Download File

There are 2 on 1 page (2-up), to save paper. Click here or the image below to download the PDF.


  1. Print landscape on regular white or even colored paper in color or b/w.

  2. Cut out both wrappers.

  3. Wrap the See's candy bar in the new wrap. (making sure to keep the title on the top and the message on the bottom.)

  4. Add a bit of tape, glue or adhesive to make sure the wrapper doesn't come off the candy bar.

  5. Gift to your sisters!

If you ever have any treat ideas with quotes in any language, please email them to me so I can share it with other visiting teachers on this site. I'd be happy to make a printable for it or if you would like to submit your own printable I'd love to give you the credit and link back to your site if you have one.

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