Treat Tuesday #12


Today's Treats! One treat idea comes from the June 2009 Visiting Teaching Message. The other treat idea is a cute recipe which includes prayer to further enhance this month's message about Sincere Prayer. Print the PDF tags for your sisters below!

visiting-teaching-notepad visiting-teaching-crayons

54. Drawing /Note Pad w/ Crayons, Markers or Pencils: “Prayer changes our lives. Through it we draw near to the Lord, and he reaches out his finger and touches us, so we never again are the same." Elder Bruce R. McConkie (1915–85) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, (“Patterns of Prayer,” Ensign, May 1984, 32)


55. Wooden Spoon:
"I know a simple recipe that anyone can make.
It isn’t for an apple pie; it isn’t for a cake.
You need not stir in sugar. Don’t add a pinch of salt.
It isn’t for a cookie. It isn’t for a malt.
It comes from Heavenly Father, who watches from above.
You start with just your family; add kindness, faith, and love.
Throw in some joy and laughter, and of course a cup of care.
Don’t forget to add the sharing and a generous dose of prayer.
Make sure you stir it really well, so everyone can see
You’ve made a happy, loving home from this simple recipe."
(Jane Lamb, “A Simple Recipe,” Friend, Mar 2009, 27)

Download VT Printable Tags:

Download this week's Treat Tuesday Tags Template for Visiting Teachers PDF by clicking the image below. Print it on patterned or colored paper and add it to your gifts more easily. Each with a different font!


  1. Just print on patterned/colored paper or cardstock

  2. Cut it out. (Cut within the lines so the lines don't show.)

  3. Punch a hole and use ribbon or tape to add it to the treat.

  4. Don't forget to sign both of your names when gifting so they know it came from their Visiting Teachers.


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