Treat Tuesday #15


Today's Treat is an appointment reminder! I figured it'd be a great way to start off the month by getting us excited to set appointments now. It's a fun treat to remind your sisters when you'll be coming by to visit them. Remember, you need to make appointments first and then drop this treat w/ note off a day or 2 before to let them know you're still coming. Click on some of the images to get recipes if you need them, otherwise buy the pre-packaged ones. Note: If you don't know them very well, just purchase the pre-packaged treats until they feel comfortable eating things you've made in your kitchen. (Unless you're like my friend Melissa, in which case you are better off making it because it'll be 100 times better than pre-packaged treats anyway and they will love you.)

visiting-teaching-rice-krispies4 visiting-teaching-rice-krispies3 visiting-teaching-rice-krispies visiting-teaching-rice-krispies2 visiting-teaching-rice-krispies1

64. Rice Krispies Treat: Looking forward to visiting with you on: ____(write in the day)_______. Remember, we can make it SNAPpy, we may have a CRACKLE or two, and we promise to POP out afterwards.


Download VT Printable Tags:

Download this week's Treat Tuesday Tags Template for Visiting Teachers PDF by clicking the image below. Print it on  colored paper or cardstock and add it to your gifts more easily.



  1. Just print on colored paper or cardstock

  2. Cut it out. (Cut on dotted lines.)

  3. Punch a hole, use ribbon or tape to add it to the treat.

  4. Don't forget to sign both of your names when gifting so they know it came from their Visiting Teachers.

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