Modest Temple Dress

Just thought of this Temple Dress idea a couple nights ago and finally got a chance to design it for you all. Yippy!! The perfect handout for July 2009's Visiting Teaching Message. I love it, but then again who doesn't love dresses? This "Modest" Temple Dress has a bit of a huge skirt which is needed in order to fit all of July's message. Also doubles as a Temple Wedding Dress. Oh and there's a recipe to make Angel Food Cake on the 4th skirt. You can leave it out if you don't need it.


Super easy to make this handout and you don't need fancy paper either. See instructions below and as usual included in the PDF file too.

Download the files by clicking the images or the file names below.

visiting-teaching-temple-dress visiting-teaching-temple-skirt1 visiting-teaching-temple-skirt2

visiting-teaching-temple-skirt3 visiting-teaching-temple-skirt4


  1. Print "dress" on white cardstock. Print "skirts" (4 total) on either white/colored/patterned paper or cardstock.

  2. Cut out dress and skirts.

  3. Line the skirts up behind the dress and staple all of them together at the waist.

If you have any questions let me know. As always please post a comment to let me know if you liked it.

October 2010 - Temple Themed! Pre-made & Handmade Visiting Teaching Gifts & Kits

Pre-Made Visiting Teaching Kit for July 2009:

Each sister is different and one may love this Temple Dress or even the Sugar Cube Temple FHE but what about a different idea? Visit Hand Picked Daisy to purchase July's Visiting Teaching Kit. Her kit this month has an amazing story about a young pioneer woman, a homemade ice cream recipe, the Visiting Teaching message, and a little pioneer toy, all wrapped in this super cute puffy envelope. These kits are even better in person!!



  1. hi dear!!!!

    it's raquel from Brazil... remember me??? ok... Can you send me a blank dress and i write in portuguese for you, and you can post here... what do you think? or, I can translate and send for you... what do you prefer?

  2. Instruções do Vestido do Templo
    1. Imprima o vestido em uma folha tipo cartolina branca, imprima as outras
    páginas (saias) em uma folha de sulfite ou de cartolina
    2. Recorte o vestido e as saias pelo lado externo das linhas.
    3. Junte todas as saias atrás do vestido e grampeie tudo junto na altura da cintura (ou do laço do vestido)

    Instruções opcionais
    - Imprima as saias em folhas coloridas ou estampadas, entretanto, a primeira pagina (do vestido) deve ser em uma cartolina branca, pois é um vestido do Templo.
    -Coloque seu próprio laço (fita, renda) e cole no vestido.
    - Enfeite o vestido como desejar, tendo em mente que ele simboliza um
    vestido do Templo.

    PS: I'm waiting the portuguese dress!!!! =D



  3. i can do this tomorrow, ok?! xxx

  4. I want in portuguese too.. i loved! :D

  5. Hi Ladies, Thanks for the comment! If I can have someone type out the message in Portuguese or any other language, then I would be more than happy to add a new file for that language. However, I haven't received the text yet and so I haven't made it. I tried to copy it from the PDF message but it didn't work very well and I don't know enough to type it myself because none of the accent marks would be there. Please email me the text or just post it as a comment here and I'd love to do it for you. <3 Linda

  6. Love your site and ideas - use them every month. Thank you SOOOOOO much.