Treat Tuesday #16: Sugar Cube Temple


Today's Treat is also an enhancer and a perfect group/family activity!

visiting-teaching-sugar-cubes visiting-teaching-sugarcube_temple

65. Sugar Cubes built to look like a Temple. My clever husband came up with this idea. He said to say "Attending the Temple allows us to receive sweet blessings." or "Sweet blessings come from attending the Temple." Sweet because of all of the Sugar Cubes and Temple because it's in the shape of a Temple. You get the idea. Then attached to this month's Visiting Teaching Message. So, I searched to see if there were any images or instructions out there to tell us how to make one. Here's what I found.

Basic Materials Needed:

  • Sugar cubes (I've never really seen these for sale anywhere, but maybe it's cause I never looked. So here's a link to buy them online.)

  • Hot glue gun + glue or substitute with Icing if you want to eat it later.

  • Graph Paper (the paper with little squares)

  • Piece of Cardboard (cut it larger than the base of your temple)

  • Tin Foil (optional for spires)

  • White Poster Board (For the ceiling in case you are making it large.)

  • White Lights (optional if you make it hollow)


  1. Find a picture of the Temple you will be "building."

  2. Draw the temple using the graph paper if needed. Each square = 1 sugar cube.

  3. Glue the sugar cubes to the cardboard base.

  4. Build each level one at a time going upwards starting from the bottom.

  5. Make it hollow or fill it with cubes. Making it hollow will obviously be quicker and use less sugar cubes.

  6. If it's hollow and you'd like a cover, then measure the open area and cut the white poster board to fit the open area and glue it into the open area.

  7. Roll pieces of tin foil for spires and glue them into place.

Download Printable PDF

I've created this quick printable for you, which includes the instructions above. Print it on the back of the Visiting Teaching Message and gift it with a box of sugar cubes so your sisters can make one for Family Home Evening or make one for them yourself! Email me a picture of your sugar cube temple when you make one, we'd all love to see which temples people build.


Sugar Cube Temples from others:


Sugar Cube Temple by Rachel Woods from


Palm of your hand Sugar Cube Temple for Kids by


Sugar Cube Temple by Sandy G Tidwell from


Primary children in the Bridgeport Branch, New Haven Connecticut Stake, were challenged to become like the pioneers who built the originalNauvoo Temple. Each week they faithfully worked on goals like having daily personal prayer and scripture study. Each Sunday they turned in their completed goal sheets and were given sugar cubes to add to a model of the Nauvoo Temple. “Friends in the News,” Friend PDF, November 2004


The Primary children of the Kimberly Second Ward, Kimberly Idaho Stake, made a replica of the soon-to-be-built Twin Falls Idaho Temple out of 1,500 sugar cubes. Each cube represents one temple ordinance performed by a ward member. “Friends in the News,” Friend, May 2008

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