Treat Tuesday #19


Today's Treats are Smarties! Can you guess what the saying will be? I'll give you a hint, not that you need one. It is for the supervisors & even the RS presidencies to use. You guessed it. You gals sure are smart!


69. Smarties Candy: Be a SMARTIE and report your Visiting Teaching! (This is also an inexpensive but very effective reminder. Cause I always need one!)

Download VT Printable Tags:

Download this week's Treat Tuesday Tags for Visiting Teachers PDF by clicking the image below.



  1. Just print on either Avery Labels # 5160 or other address label paper which will work with that size. There are 30 on 1 page and they are 1" x 2.63" each.

  2. Peal the label off the backing and adhere to each Smartie. Length wise!

  3. Put all Smarties in a basket and pass it around Relief Society to remind the sisters.

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