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Today's Treat can be made from some scraps of ribbon and some plastic craft canvas (the kind with a ton of squares usually for yarn projects). They are Ribbon Bookmarks! I made these myself and have them in my scriptures (quad) and are very handy and totally add color to your scriptures. Most importantly, they help me to know where I am for various studying needs, like Sunday School, Personal & Family Scripture Study and then just a couple others for scriptures I like to look back on. There are several ways to mark scriptures, like the ideas found here, here, here and here, but I felt like those could be a bit overwhelming and I wasn't quite sure how to make an easy handout for those. :) So, the following are instructions on making your own Ribbon Bookmarks and, best of all, for making one for the sisters you visit teach to help them with their scripture study, because after all this month's message is to, Seek Education and Lifelong Learning. BTW this is also a great mini activity idea.

visiting-teaching-scripture-marking visiting-teaching-scripture-marking2

Materials & Supplies Needed

  • Mini or Standard Quad (you can make one for the triple combo, but you'll need to adjust the width of the canvas to fit the spine.) Be sure to peek at or ask the sister you Visit Teach to see what size scriptures they have.

  • 3 spools of different colored ribbon

  • Plastic Canvas

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

Instructions: (see printable instructions w/ pics below)
Step 1: Cut Plastic Canvas to Size:
Plastic Canvas Height = 4” (compact print quad)
Plastic Canvas Height = 5” (regular print quad)
Plastic Canvas Width = 1 ¾”
Note: When you slide the Canvas into the spine it should be snug. Adjust Canvas width accordingly. The height of the Canvas should be a little more than half way down the spine to make sure it doesn’t come out while using the bookmarks.

Step 2: Cut Ribbon: (diagonal cut at the ends)
Cut 3-5* strands of ribbon = 19” each (compact print quad)
Cut 3-5* strands of ribbon = 22” each (regular print quad)
*It depends on how many holes you have in the Canvas’s width and how many ribbons you’d like.
Note: I prefer different colored /patterned/ textured ribbons to help discern which scripture I’m marking with each color. But for a less expensive alternative you could simply use the same ribbon for each one.

Step 3: Thread Ribbon:
Thread 1 ribbon for every 2 holes so that one strand of ribbon makes two bookmarks. You can choose to skip a hole in the middle to spread the ribbon apart. See diagram. Ribbon should always remain even with all the rest. Example if you cut 3 strands of ribbon you’ll have 6 total bookmarks.

Step 4: Insert Canvas w/ Ribbon into Spine:
Once the ribbon has been threaded simply slide the Canvas with the ribbons at the top between the leather and the binding, the spine (if they are glued together this may not work). Push Canvas down to make sure the top of the Canvas is flush with the binding.
Note: Cut ends of ribbon after you’ve threaded for a clean, neat look.

Download the Instructions here.


If you'd like to translate the instructions, please post them as a comment and I will create a printable PDF for you.

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