Treat Tuesday #21 - Pencil Tags (Tri-Lingual)


Today's Treat (Yes, I know it's Saturday but I still owed you all one because I had to go out of town spur of the moment.)

Huge thanks to Gladys Araneda, from Santiago, Chile. Muchisimas gracias Gladys! I am posting some pre-made tags which she made, they can be attached to some No. 2 pencils. Take advantage of those Back-to-School specials and get a pack of pencils for the sisters you Visit Teach.

Here's how her pencils turned out.

visiting-teaching-pencil-1 visiting-teaching-pencils

She attached the tags with Ribbons and even glued a little rose bud in the middle. How darling! She has been assigned 9 (NINE!) sisters to Visit Teach. She's an angel. She's from Barrio Las Nieves (Branch), Estaca de Puente Alto (Stake), in Santiago, Chile (City, Country). She loves Visiting Teaching.

Tags Say:
Spanish: "Mensaje de las maestras visitantes, Agosto 2009, Procuremos la instrucción académica y el aprendizaje de toda la vida."
Portuguese: "Mensagem das Professoras Visitantes, Agosto 2009, Procurar Instruir-se e Aprender Durante Toda a Vida"
English: "VISITING TEACHING MESSAGE, August 2009, Seek Education and Lifelong Learning"

Download File:


These PDF Pencil Tags are in 3 different languages all on the same file. Spanish, English & Portuguese!


  1. Print Tags on some plain, colored or even patterned cardstock.

  2. Cut out tags 3.5" wide x 2" tall.

  3. Punch Hole or Adhere to a ribbon bow.

  4. Using a hot glue gun, (be careful) adhere the ribbon bow to the top of the pencil. Add other embellishments if needed.

  5. Then print a copy of the message and gift it to your sisters.


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