Treat Tuesday #22 - Digi Scrapped Book Cover


Today's Treat is AMAZING! One of my personal faves, if I may say so myself. It's a digitally scrapped, removable, book cover for our Relief Society "Teachings of Presidents of The Church: Joseph Smith Manual." It's in color, has a pic of Joseph Smith, has quotes from the August 2009 Visiting Teaching Message all over it, has a mini calendar on the back (cause I always need one) and a cool Visiting Teaching sticker on it too. See pics below. I've included detailed instructions, but it's really easy. Totally a 5 min project!

visiting-teaching-book-cover-11 visiting-teaching-book-cover-12

Digitally Scrapped RS Book Cover Instructions


For the “Teachings of Presidents of The Church: Joseph Smith" Manual
Designed by Linda Winegar for with Quotes from August 2009 Ensign.

• Color Printer
• 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper
• Scissors
• Double-sided Tape or Glue
• Clear Packing Tape (optional)
• Just 5 Minutes!

Download the Files: (Tri-Lingual)

Printable instructions in English Only (page 1 of 3)


Printable Book Covers (pages 2 and 3) Both pages are in 1 file so just click on one of the images below to download the PDF in English.

visiting-teaching-book-cover-back visiting-teaching-book-cover-front

Available in these languages: English, Portuguese [added Aug 29], Spanish [added Sept. 6].
If you can translate the instructions please comment on this post with the translated instructions and I will add them to the site. Otherwise, you can always just use the instructions in English.

1. Print covers (Front and Back pages separately) in color on regular 8.5”x11” paper with 0.25” border on all sides.


2. Cut on solid lines.


3. Fold on dotted lines. Add tape/glue to the corners of flap # 1 and adhere the flaps in order.


4. Apply double sided tape/glue over the spine where indicated.


5. Slip back cover over the existing back cover of the manual. Slip front cover over the existing front cover of the manual. Should slide right in.
6. Flip book over. Fold the front cover’s spine over the back cover’s spine making sure to press firmly so the spine is secure.

visiting-teaching-book-cover-6 visiting-teaching-book-cover-7 visiting-teaching-book-cover-8

Optional: Add clear packing tape to the whole Cover. Fold tape over the flaps but do not tape it to the book or it won’t be able to slip off. Cut any excess tape. This helps to keep the ink from smearing and makes it more durable.

visiting-teaching-book-cover-10 visiting-teaching-book-cover-11

Remember the whole cover is removable! (or it should be, because I didn't say anything about gluing or taping anything to the actual book.) So make one for yourself, the sisters you Visit Teach, a family member, a neighbor or a friend.

Show off your very own custom Digitally Scrapped Joseph Smith Manual Book Cover in Relief Society!

Additional Details about the Book Cover:

  1. I don't know if this cover can fit any other Teachings of Presidents of the Church books, I made this to fit this specific book (Joseph Smith because that's the one we're on), but you can try and if you find another book it can fit just comment and let me know which ones so I can add it to the post.

  2. I don't know if it will fit the same manual in other languages [Can fit Portuguese and Spanish however you just need to adjust the spine depth for the added pages in the book - edited Aug 29]. The English one is 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall and approx 0.825 inches thick (spine). Comment and let me know if it does so I can try to translate it for you.

  3. If you print it on thicker paper, it may be difficult to fold at the dotted lines, so you'll want to adjust it as necessary.

  4. Bonus: Your Hubby will never accidentally grab your book again. Unless he wants to be made fun of in Priesthood. LOL

  5. The dates which are circled on the back calendar are Sept 26, General Relief Society Meeting, Oct 3 & 4 General Conference.

Let me know if you use this cover, I'd love to hear what you ladies think about it. Did you like it? Would you want to get more covers? Do you think you can design one for us?

BTW I used a couple of the FREE! fonts found on Too cute!

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  1. I love your book cover! I was wondering if you will be doing another one for nov and dec and one for the new manual? Thanks so much for all of your adorable ideas!

  2. Dianne,
    Thanks for the comment. So glad you love it! You're the first person to comment so I guess we'll see if there's a demand out there. :) I had fun making it!

  3. This is awesome! Thank you so much and would love to have more! You do an incredible job and it is much appreciated!!

  4. I Love the cover. I'm just a little sorry I did my visiting teaching early this month and didn't have this cute cover in time to use it for August!

  5. portuguese...please!!! thank you for everything!

  6. very beautiful love it! always use their ideas, I love this blog!kisses, kisses

  7. Lynette,
    It's never too late to let your sisters know you're thinking of them :) Just make one and drop it off, mail it or hand it to her in church. We think of our sisters all of the time, otherwise you wouldn't be visiting this site, so this just lets THEM know that you are thinking of them. Hope you get to use it. ♥, Linda

  8. Fernanda,
    Glad you like it. Have you printed it in english? Does the book cover fit the manual in portuguese. If so please let me know and I can translate it. I just don't know if the books are the same size.
    Thanks. ♥, Linda

  9. I love this idea. I would love to see more. Thank you for all the great ideas and the time you put into this website!!! I really appreciate it and am grateful.

  10. I've only just subscribed to this website and I have been raving on about it to all my fellow-sisters in the gospel. Thank you so much for having the time, talent and obvious enthusiasm for sharing these wonderful ideas and gifts with us.

  11. Melanie,
    You're so sweet to spread the word about my site for me. I don't know that I "have" the time, but more like "make" the time cause I do love it. Some ladies do coupons and I make VT stuff. ;) (OK well, sometimes I like to do coupons too.) It's all worth it, especially when I get fun comments and read how excited you all are when I make something you feel you can use. Thanks for taking time to post a comment. Love ya! Linda

  12. Julie,
    Thanks for the comment! You're awesome for letting me know how much you like the book cover. It's definitely a fun thing to show off in RS and to let our sistas know how much we love them. :) Love ya,

  13. Linda, was perfect!!!!!!!!! thank you, you are very caring....I loved,,,thanks for you there!! kisses........

  14. I really love this book cover
    Thanks so much!!

  15. Hey there Linda! It means a lot. Thanks for letting me know you like it. <3 Linda

  16. I love this website. I appreciate the wonderfully creative ideas to share with the sisters we visit teach each month. Thanks. I love the manual cover; but, as I tried to "slip" it on the manual cover, it was too small in width and height. I have no idea what I did wrong. I love it, but am not able to use it. I'm sure it's something I did incorrectly even though I tried to follow the instructions. Thanks again. --- Dawn 9-8-09

  17. Dawn,
    Thanks for the sweet words. Glad you like the site. As for the cover, I'm sorry I must have not been completely clear on the instructions. I'll try to address it here.
    1. How does it not fit? is it too short or too skinny?
    2. Be sure to print the cover as-is, do not select "fit to page" or "enlarge to fit" or any "fit" for that matter. The PDF file should just be printed as-is, you'll have a 1/4" border on all sides when printing on 8.5x11 paper. If you select any special fitting then the image will be re-sized and the whole thing will be wrong.
    3. The cover was meant to be made with the book as a guide to make sure it does "slip" right on. So, make sure you do it with the book in front of you. Otherwise it could be just a hair too tight to fit over and will most definitely not "slip" on. If you make the creases with the book you can test it right there before you add any tape or glue and you can see if it will fit.
    4. if you are having troubles, please let me know because it should fit the english and portuguese manuals perfectly. The spanish book cover's spine just needs to be set a bit wider, which is no problem because I made the spines overlap enough in order for slight adjustment.
    Hope this info helps you and anyone else out there with some problems. Please comment and let me know if you are still having problems and we can work through it.
    Love ya, Linda

  18. Thank you. We would definitely be interested in more, particularly one for the new Gospel Principles manual.

  19. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for commenting! I will definitely keep it in mind. Do I have until Jan 1st? LOL
    <3 Linda

  20. Love this book cover, and hope you will do more for any future RS manuals, too! Thanks for such an awesome website, and Visiting Teaching tools! :)

  21. Erica,
    Thanks for commenting, it really means a lot that you'd take time out of your day to post a nice note. I will definitely try and make one for the new manual. I'll let you know when I make it.
    ♥, Linda

  22. What a great idea. And so creative. I hope to see more of other manuals!

    Thanks for all you contribute to this blog. It is a treasure.

  23. Tiffany,
    Awe...thanks you're too kind. Glad you could use the cover.
    ♥, Linda

  24. love the cover plan to make it this weekend. I hope to see more. Love this blog Cindy

  25. I have seen people that have stuff like this on their scriptures. Could you make a layout for scriptures? Or tell me how you did this one so I can do my own?


  26. Cindy,
    Thanks for the encouragement! I'll try to exceed your expectations. :)
    ♥, Linda

  27. Amanda,
    Wow, I've never seen them for scriptures, that would be way cool. There's way too many sizes out there for them, my Hubby and I alone own 5 different sizes and types of scriptures. So, I will not be making them, because I like to make stuff for everyone and would feel bad that I couldn't make some for someone. Not to mention the different language requests I get all the time. LOL Great idea though!
    You can learn how to "digi scrap" by simply doing a search for that term or search for "digital scrapbooking" and "how to" or "classes." Plenty of free info out there to help you learn how to do basic stuff which I did. I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to design and then layout the covers. Hope that helps! Good luck. ♥, Linda

  28. Next year's RS/Priesthood manual will be the brand new Gospel Principles manual. Will you be creating a book cover for it? I hope so! You do such a lovely job! :)

  29. LOVE IT!!! Please make one for the new book! Would love to have it on for the whole year!

  30. I just found this website on the Mormon Blogosphere and I love it! What a great contribution to visiting teaching. And the book cover is perfect and has so many applications. Like for all the Young Women's books. (My DD just went in.) Very fun.

  31. Erica,
    I'm for sure going to try! Maybe I'll use conference quotes on it this time so that it's not just for a specific month. :) ♥ Linda

  32. Becky,
    Wow, so glad you like it too. I hope to use conference quotes so it's good all year long. :) Thanks for your sweet comment! ♥ Linda

  33. Hi Bianca,
    Thanks for your generous compliment. It's just something I like to do. :) I had no idea the YW books were the same size. Hm... that would be awesome! I could add the Values and things. Make it hip and stuff. LOL Let me know, I'm sure I could find out but if you have it there and don't mind letting me know then that would be great. Just curious, ya know. Thanks for taking time out to comment!
    ♥ Linda


  35. NEUZELI,
    Thanks for your comment. I already made one in portuguese. Here is the link to download the file:
    I guess it was kind of hidden. So glad you like the book covers! ♥ Linda

  36. Neuzeli, Obrigada por seu comentário. Eu já fiz uma versão em português. O arquivo está aqui em baixo:
    Parece que foi um pouco escondido. Fico feliz que você gosta das coberturas do livro! ♥ Linda

  37. Oh My gosh, I cannot stop smiling whilst looking thru this website. Your designs are georgous. I want a scrapbooked cover for our Gospel principles book for this year. I love them. Thank you so much for sharing you talent with the world. Kura from New Zealand :o)

  38. This is so nice. Please please do one for the Gospel Principles book.


  39. I too would like to have a cover like this for our Gospel Principles manual...PUH-LEEESSE! I have downloaded many of your helps and love your stuff!!! Ü My sisters are tickledc to get such creative goodies, thanks.

  40. I too would love the cover for the Gospel Principles manual.

  41. Hi I really liked this cover, I just discovered your website and was wondering will you be making one for this year's book?

  42. This is wonderful - how about one for the new 2012 book - George Albert Smith????