A Visiting Teacher Supervisor Poem


A Visiting Teacher Supervisor by Peggy Moore
Your calling is from The Lord above,
Visiting Teachers spread His Love
You are their leader to show the way
It’s not easy you may want to say

At the end of each month your report is due
Not everyone has bothered to call, it’s true
These sisters you call and call again
Are busy with loved ones, family, and kin

Try not to give up and blow them away
You are their teacher, teach them this day
Have patience, love, and understandin'
Realize their lives are very demanding

The Lord sent you to be their friend
So never give up just call till the end
“I’m tired of calling” please don’t chant
You’re a friend who calls because He can’t


  1. Hi Linda, I don't write in engish. So, can you send me this poem in portuguese? This blog is wonderful. Thanks for helping us with your love and inspiration with your visiting teaching ideas. Sorry if have errors from this messenger.
    Kisses, Valéria

  2. Valéria, Thanks for your sweet words. I am glad you love the site. I wish I could translate it into portuguese or spanish. I don't know how to translate it because it's a poem and because I don't speak portuguese or spanish very well. If someone can translate it for me, I would love to add it to the site. Love, Linda

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I have a VTing Supervisor meeting tomorrow and I think I'll hand this out to the sisters. Thanks again!