The Oak Tree


September's Visiting Teaching Message has a lot of fun words we can get creative with. I love it when this happens! This Oak Tree printable was submitted by Gladys Araneda from Santiago, Chile. This is her 2nd time submitting a printable for us Visiting Teachers. Click here to view her first printable. She submitted it in Spanish and I translated it into English, so we could use this super cute tree too. She got the idea for the tree from the very first quote by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. This printable is an Enhancer, which means it will "enhance" the message by being a great visual aid.

The Oak Tree

Here's the quote that inspired Gladys for this Enhancer:
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin (1917–2008) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: “Faithful members of the Church should be like oak trees and should extend deep roots into the fertile soil of the fundamental principles of the gospel. We should understand and live by the simple, basic truths and not complicate them. Our foundations should be solid and deep-rooted so we can withstand the winds of temptation, false doctrine, adversity, and the onslaught of the adversary without being swayed or uprooted. …

“Spiritual nourishment is just as important as a balanced diet to keep us strong and healthy. We nourish ourselves spiritually by partaking of the sacrament weekly, reading the scriptures daily, praying daily in personal and family prayer, and performing temple work regularly. Our spiritual strengths are like batteries; they need to be charged and frequently recharged” (“Deep Roots,” Ensign, Nov. 1994, 75).

Click the images below to view them larger if you need to.

visiting-teaching-tree4 visiting-teaching-tree5 visiting-teaching-tree3 visiting-teaching-tree1 visiting-teaching-tree6

Download File:
This Oak Tree is available in English & Español (Muchisimas gracias, Gladys!). Just click on the image to download the file. There are 2 pages in one PDF file.

visiting-teaching-tree-september-2009 visiting-teaching-arbol-tree-2009

Español: Hay 2 paginas en este documento digital.
arbol-mensaje-de-maestras-visitantes-septiembre-2009 visiting-teaching-arbol-tree-2009


  • Printer Optional. (You could draw your own tree if you don't have a printer or ink for your printer.)

  • 2 pieces of green chipboard (you could paint a cereal box green) or green cardstock (12”x12”)

  • 1 piece of brown paper/cardstock (regular 8.5”x11” or some scraps)

  • Scissors

  • Glue Stick or Glue


  1. Download the file. (2 pages in 1 PDF)

  2. Fold both pieces of the green chipboard or cardstock and trace the tree on ea.

  3. Cut out the 2 trees.

  4. Trace and cut out the tree trunks from the brown paper/cardstock.

  5. Glue the brown trunks to the trees.

  6. On the 1st tree make a slit down the middle of the tree to the center (approx 5” long starting from the top). On tree 2nd tree make a slit up from the base of the tree to the center (approx 5” long starting from the bottom).

  7. Slide 2nd tree over the 1st tree so they fit together via the slits. They should fit together and form a “+” if looking from the top. Should stand by it’s self.

  8. Print this page (the page with the leaves) on a different shade of green than the color of the tree (or get creative) and adhere the leaves to your tree.

  9. Include a copy of the message with the tree.

I love it when you sisters submit your ideas and printables, it really helps me out because I run several websites and it also allows us to take advantage of each other's creativity.

If you can translate the instructions and quote into Portuguese, please add it to the comments and I would be happy to make one in Portuguese for you. Thanks for all of your help!

September's Pre-made Visiting Teaching Kit
Most of you know how cute Jennifer is with her Visiting Teaching kits by now. She runs Hand Picked Daisy and her main focus is us, the Visiting Teachers. She's always making it even easier to get our Visiting Teaching done because she just mails you the completed kit and it's ready for you when you visit your sister or even great for those sisters who would prefer to have messages mailed to them. No need to print, cut or glue anything! This month she has a 3-D card which has a ton of cute school themed cut-outs, includes an excerpt from this month's message and a sweet recipe.



  1. I also loved Linda ... you are very creative .. thank you
    Ob: missing in Portuguese only laugh ...kisses

  2. Fernanda, Glad you like it. Sorry it's not in portuguese. Hopefully someone can translate it and then I can add it to the site.
    Love, Linda

  3. Thanks so much! It's great to have this in Spanish since I attend a Spanish ward. So glad to have found this site today. I will be back often! Thanks to all the creative, inspired ladies who share your ideas!