Treat Tuesday #24 - Batteries


Today's Treat has been addressed by 2 sisters and it goes perfectly with this month's message. First it was discussed by Chris Christensen from St. George, UT.

Her Visiting Teachers like to come early in the month and Chris likes to give sisters a little extra to ponder. Here's what happened.
"During our discussion of the lesson, I asked the gals if they noted the audiences to which the analogies would relate. They hadn't considered it. Maybe I was reading too much into it. {I don't think so, I hadn't thought of it until she mentioned it either.} For example, an older woman could relate to the oak tree while a younger woman could relate to the battery analogy. After all, a young woman needs to replenish batteries in so many technical things, as well as toys, now a days. {unless you're love to just leave the batteries out for some peace and quite, LOL.} The sisters hadn't thought of that. The lesson had so many things to ponder."

I agree with Chris, it definitely does! oh and BTW I added the little comments in the brackets { }. Thanks for being so insightful Chris!

And then... Marti Lindquist from St. George, UT too (you ladies down there are smart!), submitted this clever and quick gift idea via email.
"The Oak tree is darling. However, I really have to keep it simple {which we all need to do sometimes}, so I chose to just give my sisters a AA battery tied with a pretty ribbon to coordinate with this in our lesson... "Our spiritual strengths are like batteries; they need to be charged and frequently recharged” (“Deep Roots,” Ensign, Nov. 1994, 75).
Just thought I would share that simple little "object" handout with you."

It's a quick and very useful gift idea that coordinates perfectly with this month's lesson. Everyone needs batteries. Thanks for sharing your awesome idea with us, Marti!


72. Batteries (any kind that your sister could need): "Our spiritual strengths are like batteries; they need to be charged and frequently recharged.” (“Deep Roots,” Ensign, Nov. 1994, 75).


Download VT Printable Tag/Sheet:
Download this week's Treat Tuesday Tag/Sheet for Visiting Teachers PDF by clicking the image below.



  1. Just print on paper or cardstock in b/w or color. (6-up aka 6 on one page)

  2. Cut out tags. Each tag is approx 4" x 3.5"

  3. Use ribbon or tape to adhere it to the battery(ies).

  4. Write both of your names so they know who gave them the sweet batteries.

Thank you again Chris and Marti, you ladies are fantastic! If you ever have any ideas or suggestions for gifts or anything let me know. I'd love to make a tag or printable from it for you and so the rest of us Visiting Teachers to use too.

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