Our Rising Generation

Date Note: This is a previous post which was made to go along with the Oct, 2009 VT message, however it has a similar topic so we decided to add it here in the event that you would like it.


Seems like I have been thinking about what to design for this month's Enhancer, for a while now. I read the October Visiting Teaching Message a week before October even started, so that I could get something up before the 1st. I'm a perfectionist and therefore have to wait for the perfect idea before I can do anything. I wanted to incorporate kids and costumes for Halloween, but didn't want it to look too "Halloweeny." LOL In case people want to use it for a different month too. The inspiration, of course, came during General Conference and I love how this turned out! The kids are in their costumes but the focus is not totally on what they are wearing. Yet, we do need to remember that they are great, super and strong, and desire to be that way too. I still want to be Wonder Woman! (I would say Supergirl but that's Superman's cousin, and since I'm married to Superman, that would be gross.) LOL Anyways, the rising sun also helps to add to the theme of "The Rising Generation." Hope this helps your sisters visualize the message and it's importance. Oh and of course a Pumpkin Bread Recipe for the back, because it's Fall and bread rises!

The quote used was by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Presidency of the Seventy:
“Our rising generation is worthy of our best efforts to support and strengthen them in their journey to adulthood. … In every action we take, in every place we go, with every Latter-day Saint young person we meet, we need to have an increased awareness of the need for strengthening, nurturing, and being an influence for good in their lives” (“Our Rising Generation,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2006, 47).

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download these Enhancer PDF Sheets for Visiting Teachers by clicking the images below or the following links; Page 1 and Page 2.

visiting-teaching-rising-generation1 visiting-teaching-rising-generation2

The 1st page is available in Spanish & Portuguese too. Yippy!!


  1. Just print on cardstock. Front in Color and back in Black and White. (1 Rising Sun per page)

  2. Cut out sun shape.

  3. Punch a hole and add ribbon (optional)

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  1. On the pumpkin cake it calls for instant coconut. Is that just jello pudding. It doesnt say when to add it so I am assuming this is with the other dry stuff.

  2. Shawnalee,
    Thanks for your comment. Sorry the ingredients for the coconut pudding mix were on 2 separate lines. Should have put them on one line. Glad you figured it out though! <3, Linda

  3. Thanks so Much! I just found your site and I am so EXCITED I did! I just put this together to take when I VT my sisters on Friday. Thanks Again!!! Aubrei

  4. Hi Aubrei,
    So glad you found the site! and glad you like it. Phew, I don't like to disappoint. :) Thanks for taking time to comment and letting me know you will be using this printable. Have fun Visiting Teaching on Friday!
    <3, Linda

  5. Thanks for all these great ideas. I just found this site and am sure I will be using it a lot.

  6. Lisa, oh so glad you found it. Thanks for taking time to comment. Use the site as much as you need to. :) ♥ Linda
    BTW I love the name Lisa!! (friends used to call me that in High School, and I never corrected them cause I liked it better. LOL)