Treat Tuesday #29 - Pumpkin Recipe Cards


Today's Treat (which was supposed to be Tuesday's treat, LOL) was forwarded to me by my MIL (mother-in-law), Judy. They are super fun Recipe Cards w/ recipes in the shape of Pumpkins! She said she was going to print them and give them to the sisters she Visit Teaches and thought that it would be cute for other sisters as well. I TOTALLY agree! Seems like they come from Kate's Kitchen, but Kate didn't include her last name, so I couldn't ask Kate's permission, my MIL said to share. So, thanks Judy for sending these to me to share with other Visiting Teachers and thank you Kate for taking time to make these (sorry I don't know your last name or your blog if you have one).

There are 7 Recipes w/ Front and Back Covers. 16 total Pumpkin cards to cut out. Recipes include: Pumpkin Zucchini Bread, Pumpkin Turkey Chili, Pumpkin Pancakes, Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Cake, Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies & Double-Layer Pumpkin Pie. I would definitely give this recipe card set with a can of pumpkin filling or a real pumpkin. :) Print some or all of the pages!


Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this week's Treat Tuesday Paper Pumpkin for Visiting Teachers PDF by clicking the image below. Update! This file has been updated as of 10-22-09 @ 12:22pm MST, thanks to Alease Guymon, who caught the mistakes, because some recipes were being cut off. Download the new file, it has the same file name, so just replace your old copy.



  • Print on colored or white, cardstock or paper, in color or b&w (black and white).

  • Cut out around each pumpkin.

  • Staple at the top, or punch a hole at the top and add ribbon.

  • Give to your sisters and sign your names on the last page, where indicated.

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P.S. This is being posted on Thursday, but because I am really weird, I am back dating it to Tuesday cause that's when I meant to post it. Just never got around to it. Please don't hate me. LOL


  1. On the Mom's Pumpkin Cake recipe, the font is too large so the bottom line of the recipe and the instructions are cut off. Is that butter and how much? it looks like the words on the instructions is whipping cream. Is that correct? Thanks for sharing such a cute idea. I have already shared it with some friends so they can give it to their visiting teaching ladies

  2. Thank you so much Alease! I glanced through it quickly and obviously didn't notice anything, so I am glad you caught it. I have updated the file. 
(melted) and yes it's whipped cream on top. I apologize for the mistake on my part. Hope I didn't cause any recipes to get messed up, if I did I'll happily eat it if no one wants it. ;) Thanks for sharing this site with others. ♥ Linda

  3. Hola!
    Me encanto la idea de "perfect pumkin recipe" pero, me gustaria si me lo pudieran enviar en espanol. Soy la Presidenta de la Soc. de Soc. de mi Rama y estamos trabajando duro con el programa de mestras visitantes, ya que contamos con un gran numero de hermanitas que tiene muy poco tiempo en la iglesia y sus ideas son muy motivadoras . Muchas Gracias!.

  4. Hermanita Garcia,
    Me alegra que te gusto! Perdon que no lo tengo en espanol. Ni se como traducirlo. No soy muy bien en traducir recetas. Pero si lo puedes traducir para mi yo puedo hacer uno nuevo para ustedes. Espero que pueda ayudarle mas, ya que usted debe de investir mucho tiempo en su obra. ♥ Linda