Treat Tuesday #31 - iPrayer 4x6


Today's Treat printable is from a, personally most needed, message from this years 179th Semiannual General Conference. It was given by Elder Russell M. Nelson and it's titled, "Ask, Seek, Knock." I'm sure you will all remember when he said:
"access information directly from heaven, without hardware, software, or monthly service fees."

It was so clever and true! I loved that he compared prayer and personal revelation to technology and cell phone plans. I'm sure we can all relate to high phone bills, but luckily prayer won't cost us a penny! This inspired the handout. I went straight to the source of costly plans, yet super cool cell phones, AT&T, for inspiration on what I could do. Mainly because I like the iPhone. (LOL)

Here's their ad:


Here's the one for you to use:


What do you think? I had to make it a bit chunkier in order to print it 4x6. I don't know why I like 4x6, just do. Anyways, here are the files for you to print it, if you want to.

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this week's Treat Tuesday iPrayer (short or long versions) PDF for Visiting Teachers or Home Teachers by clicking either link or image below. There are 2 different ones. The 2nd one has a long quote, which could help give more meaning and instruction.

visiting-teaching-general-conference-i-prayer visiting-teaching-general-conference-i-prayer-long


  1. Print in Color or B&W on plain white cardstock.

  2. Cut out to 4x6" (3up)

P.S. I know the Spanish and Portuguese sisters love these handouts too, I am always thinking of you. Unfortunately, it does take time to translate, copy, paste, re-edit, re-save and upload the files for you. So I do apologize! If you'd like to make my job easier just post the translation of the text into a comment and I can get to it sooner. Thanks for your love and support!

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November's Pre-Made Visiting Teaching Kit! (just in time for a busy holiday season)
Jennifer has spotlighted 3 messages from October's General Conference to include in her super cute FALL Visiting Teaching Kits. The holidays get so busy! Order yours and then you won't even have to worry about your ink/toner running out at last minute. (LOL. Like mine does to me all the time, but it's not really that funny at the time.) It comes with a fold out decoration and on the back has four pockets. In the pockets are the three talks from General Conference and in the last pocket a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Cake.



  1. I absolutely love this prayer card! even if I don't use it for my VT sisters, I want to print one out for me!

  2. Natalie,
    You're 2 sweet! Thanks for taking time to let me know you like it. I know what you mean about needing it for yourself. I totally need to print one out just for me too. :) Have a great day! ♥ Linda

  3. I like the concept of "Teaching Kit". The designs and the color combinations on the prayer card are commendable. The prayer cards are good and can be reused or kept safely for a long time.

  4. Muchas gracias pr las ideas que siempre publican han sido de gran ayuda, y han hecho que las visitas sean más amenas cada mes, como dice tratamos de ser mejores amigas, y a ellas les han gustado mucho.
    La tarjeta de la oracion es muy bonita, y aunque en mi barrio muchas hablan ingles, lo traduje como yo lo pondria, espero les sirva y es un gusto poder contribuir.

    Aun más sorprendente que la tecnología moderna es nuestra oportunidad de acceder a la información directa del cielo sin hardware, software o cuotas mensuales de servicio, es uno de los regalos mas maravillosos que el Señor ha ofrecido a los mortales, su generosa invitación a pedid y se os dará, buscad y hallareis, tocad y se os abrirá
    Un saludo desde Guatemala,

  5. I love this! I printed one out for my teenage daughter and she thought it was so cute. Thanks!

  6. thank you - I am using this handout for seminary tomorrow - 2 Nephi 32:8-9 - awesome!

  7. I love your IPrayer cards. I am going to print off a bunch and shrare them with friends! So cute. I'm so glad other people are creative and know how to make awesome stuff on the computer.

  8. Buenas nohes, agradecería pusieran las tarjetas de la oración en español seria genial, comenta la hermana sandrita que ella la tradujo pero no encuentro el archivo, saludos