Home for Christmas Layered Nativity Book

Dec 1 2009. This month we get to celebrate Christ's birth and reason he was born. He was born to be our perfect example and atone for our sins, the greatest gift anyone can receive. The First Presidency message by President Henry B. Eyring is titled "Home for Christmas." I used his message & Lettering Delights' DB Nativity Doodlebat Font to design this Visiting Teaching and even Home Teaching Enhancer. I absolutely love this message and I think you will too. Although it's not the standard Visiting Teaching Message, Pres. Eyring's message still applies and compliments this month's Visiting Teaching message very well but was centered on Christ and his birth a bit more, so I thought it would be a perfect match. Enjoy!

visiting-teaching-christmas-nativity-2009 visiting-teaching-nativity-8

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this enhancer PDF here or by clicking the image below. Great for Visiting Teachers and Home Teachers too!


What you'll need:

  • Cardstock

  • Black & White Printer

  • Scissors

  • Stapler or Hole puncher if you want to use string or ribbon for the spine.

How to make the "Home for Christmas" Layered Book:

visiting-teaching-nativity-1 visiting-teaching-nativity-2 visiting-teaching-nativity-3 visiting-teaching-nativity-4 visiting-teaching-nativity-7 visiting-teaching-nativity-9

  1. Print in Black & White on plain cardstock.

  2. Cut top and bottoms out on dotted lines.

  3. Leave the left side as-is. Do not cut left side.

  4. Cut right side along the silhouette of Joseph, the Shepherd & the Wise man. (This is hard to explain, just trim along the backs on right side of the black silhouettes and not along the dotted line. See the images!)

  5. Layer all 3.

  6. Staple or punch hole for ribbon on left edge.

  7. When it’s lined up correctly the nativity should include 1 shepherd and 1 wise man.

  8. See finished sample images.

December 2010 Visiting Teaching Gifts

Get this Font! Lettering Delights DB Nativity Doodlebat Font:


This is a super cute set of silhouettes from the scene of Christ's birth. Silhouettes are great because they go with everything! Use this one for your Christmas family newsletters, Christmas cards or anything Christmas themed which you want to center around Christ's birth. Click here to view other cute fonts they have.

Time Saving Visiting Teaching Kit December 2009


Tis the season to be super busy. If you're low on time, your printer doesn't work or you'd rather just get your Visiting Teaching done early, this kit is perfect for you. It's already made, phew! One less thing to worry about. Themed with darling Christmas patterned paper it includes the "Nurture Through Compassionate Service" message, an Almond Popcorn Ball recipe, and 4 Christmas tags. Each card has a sturdy fastener and held together with ribbon. Measures 8 by 4 inches. I bet your neighbor would love to have her Visiting Teaching done too. Order one for her as a neighbor gift and you've served and helped her to do her VTing too. :) Isn't it so stinking cute! Click here to view detailed pics.


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