#LightTheWorld: Mittens of the Lord

These “Service Mittens” include the first quote from this month’s Visiting Teaching Message by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Second Counselor in the First Presidency from the October 2008 #LDSConf. I chose these cute mittens because, it’s snowing outside and when I think of serving others in the snowy winter season, I think of shoveling snow. Why? It’s a service which you know they need done simply by looking out your window or driving by, it can be done anonymously (if doing it early in the morning or when people are not home), and can sometimes be done quickly (approx 15 min – depending on their driveway, your shovel, your strength and speed). Not to mention you get a good workout, all while serving your neighbor. I love shoveling snow, hence the mittens!

"In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance. Let us open our eyes and see the heavy hearts, notice the loneliness and despair; let us feel the silent prayers of others around us, and let us be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to answer those prayers." President Uchtdorf

Personal Story: This is actually how I came to know and love one of the sisters I Visit Teach. She said she would see me out there shoveling her snow by myself and after watching me several times (I had no idea) , she finally decided to chat with me. Now she calls me, to see how my family is doing and when I’m going to come visit her. LOL We’re all just trying to be friends and help each other out, right? If you don’t like shoveling or don’t have snow then, mow, weed, cook, bake, paint, sew… your constant (this is key!) service will soften their hearts and yours. BTW I usually practice after I’ve preached a lot of times, and not so much preach what I practice. This reminds me, I do need to be better with the other sisters I Visit Teach. ;)

Download VT Printable Sheet:

Download this Treat Tuesday Service Mittens PDF by clicking either the google drive link or image below. I used the mittens from the Winter-licious Graphic Set from LetteringDelights.com, so cute.

  1. Print in Color on white cardstock.
  2. Cut out mittens.
  3. Punch hole.
  4. Add brad, string or ribbon to hold 2 of them together.
Been reposted from Dec 2009 here to preserve my work from my other sister website: http://visitingteaching.net/blog/2009/12/visiting-teaching-service-mittens/

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