Treat Tuesday #34 - Winter Contact Cards


Today's Treat, are some cute and cozy Contact Cards. Now there's finally something cute and simple which I can give to the sisters my companion and I visit teach that has our names and numbers. Has a space for you and your companion's names, phone numbers, mailing addresses and even email addresses. I of course used the super cute digital “All Bundled Up” graphics bundle from Hope you all love it as much as I do. Seems like the sisters we visit teach need our info a bit more handy. :)  By the way, no... it does not say "call us if you need anything," LOL. Mainly because we're supposed to be a bit more proactive in serving them and "in-tune," so we shouldn't wait to be asked or called on, right? one ever calls when I've said that in the past, anyways. But this would make it easier to remember who we are and how to call us if they ever do need something which we didn't know about.


Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this week's Treat Tuesday Winter Contact Cards PDF for Visiting Teachers by clicking either the link or image below. I used various graphics from the All Bundled Up Collection from


Instructions: (3-up)

  1. Print in Color on thick white cardstock.

  2. Cut out 3 cards each 4”x6”

  3. Using an ultra fine tip marker or felt tip permanent pen, fill in your info.

  4. Laminate & add magnet to the back or insert into picture frame if you desire.

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Digital "All bundled Up" Collection by

Don't like the Visiting teaching Contact cards I made. Just buy the digital collection yourself and design it the way you want to. Buy it here.

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  1. I love your visiting teaching contact cards!!! What a cute idea. I, too, use Lettering Delights, but do not know how to do what you did. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your talents with others.

    Letitia Pierce

  2. olá linda!!! gostaria de saber se tem modelos de roupas para uso no templo. beijos!!! neuzeli

  3. WOW this is so cute!!! please dont ever stop this website its just too great!

  4. I was just wondering if you had a VT contact card that was more any time of year, not just winter. I love this card but I would love a generic one, the sisters on my list change throughout the year and I felt funny using this card in the summer:)
    Thanks for all of your great ideas.

  5. Thanks so much for the great contact card. I shared it with my whole ward!! I've been thinking of creating something like this, but you saved me!