6 Recipes w/ Shopping List


Today's Treat is 6 Crock Pot / Slow Cooker Recipes which include a Grocery Shopping list! I've made and tasted some of them and the other ones just look good so I'll be making them this week. This printable is simple yet goes a long way to help with meal planning. Julie B Beck stated..
“‘Self-reliance means using all of our blessings from Heavenly Father to care for ourselves and our families and to find solutions for our own problems."


My # 1 Problem, keeping me from caring for my family: Dinner! I seriously don't like cooking, I'm no good at it and never have time for it. But I have a small family and my husband works hard for us so we can buy groceries, so I NEED to make dinner using those groceries otherwise eating out is going to cost the whole family a lot more and we don't have that kind of cash.

Recipes included are:

No Time to Cook Chicken (4 servings)

Slow Cooker Pizza (6 servings)

Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes with Ham (8 servings)

Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu (6 servings)

Anna's Amazing Easy Pleasy Meatballs over Buttered Noodles (24 servings)

Egg Noodle Lasagna (12 servings)

I've tried to do menus in the past but they never work for me so I am trying it again this year. :) I downloaded them from AllRecipes.com so they aren't designed to be fancy or cute, just practical. I really want to make this a talent because I know cooking has got to be one of those things that can be learned and therefore I want to learn it and eventually I can consider it a talent, depending on how well I can do it, right? Right now cooking is just an essential duty or chore for me, so we'll be working on it.

AllRecipes.com (free service) really makes it easy, you pick out the meals you want for your menu and add them to your grocery list, go shopping, then prepare your meals. For those who are total chefs, this may not be awesome for you, or you probably have your own monthly menu planned out already. So this won't help you, but maybe the sisters you Visit Teach need this. I picked Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Meals because I love mine and refuse to cook any other way because I am convinced it is faster than the standard cooking. There are 6 meals, 1 for each day of the week except Sunday of course because you will have a lot of left overs, I promise!

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this week's 6 Crock Pot Recipes for Visiting Teachers by clicking either the link or image below.


Instructions: (7 pages total)

  1. Print in color or black and white.

  2. Staple all of the pages together and gift like that. OR

  3. Cut pages 2-7 to along the dotted lines, fold and glue together to make the 4x6 recipe cards. Then cut page 1 along dotted lines and give it to your sisters in an envelope.

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Let me know if you try any of these recipes or give these out, I'd like to know what you think. I was thinking for next month to create a menu planner which you can laminate and put little velcro dots on but didn't know how you all felt about menu planning and things. To me it's part of the whole self reliance thing and doing things to help your family and yourself to be organized too.


  1. Thanks for sharing! If you like to use your crockpot you may have already stumbled upon this blog... http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ -- There are some great recipes there too.

  2. I feel like you have read my thoughts, I hate to cook and would love to make it a talent so it is more enjoyable for me then a chore. Thank you thank you for your blog I just discovered it today while looking for some cute VT ideas!!

  3. Linda,

    This is super cute! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I love my slow cooker, too! I consider myself confident in the kitchen, but it's always good to not have to rush to put something together to fill the little bellies running around the house;)


  4. Chelsi,
    Sh-yes! I have seen that blog and I love it! Glad you posted the link, just in case I ever forget. ;)
    Thanks for taking time to comment!
    ♥ Linda

  5. Traci,
    Thanks for taking time to comment! I am sure we'll turn it into a talent soon enough. I just need to make sure I cook quick things. That is so I don't feel like I slaved all day making a meal just so it could be gone in 10 min. My husband eats way too fast. LOL

  6. Hey Megan!
    Thanks for commenting. I prefer to make treats, but then my waist doesn't like me to make treats. It's a struggle! I absolutely love the shopping list feature of allrecipes. I mean it's not too complicated to pick the meals, but then to make the list and type it out is a pain. I soooo prefer this way. Maybe if I had more food in my pantry I wouldn't have to make such an extensive list everytime we go shopping. ♥ Linda

  7. Thank you so much! I still think that it is so great that you are willing to put together and share so many great ideas freely and therefore help bless and simplify the lives of so many. Thank you Thank you!

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  9. We must be TWINS - I have been trying to make cooking a talent for 20 years!! Thanks for the recipes AND the shopping list!

  10. Andrea, Thanks for your sweet comments. You really are so nice to just let me know how much you appreciate what I do here. Thanks for taking time to comment! ♥ Linda

  11. Kelsi,
    Thanks for the comment! I don't think we'll be a good fit, plus I don't think will have time for it either, so I don't want to promise anything. But hope you're able to find some other fun sites to provide articles for you. I know there are a lot of women who just have a ton to say. ♥ Linda

  12. Joy! I am SURE we are twins. Cause I actually went 1 week without any recipes and seriously been falling apart here. It's crazy how much I really just need someone to give me the list of "easy" recipes plus make the shopping list for me too. LOL and possibly go shopping for me too. With 1 car it's crazy trying to schedule a shopping trip, so I just procrastinate. Thanks for commenting. Good luck with this coming week, I'll need the luck and anything else. ♥ Linda