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This week's Treat is from Rebecca Stoker from She created a Scripture Scholar Crossword for us which goes perfectly with March's Visiting Teaching message titled, "Strengthening Faith in God the Father & Jesus Christ through Personal Scripture Study." It's really quite fun! Questions like... Who is Hezekiah's Mother? Who has been born of goodly parents? What's the name of King Noah's Priest who believed Abinadi? If you can't get them right off (I couldn't, I have a short term memory), Becca provided a scripture reference next to it so you'll know exactly where to find the answer (bless her heart!). She makes all kinds of fun things but especially Kits for Visiting Teachers. She's even got the one this month She hand makes cards for all ages, gift tags, holiday decor, home decor, banners and more.

Check her store, become her fan on Facebook page and bookmark her blog.

Download this Scripture Scholar Crossword Puzzle and print it off for the sisters you Visit Teach & even one for yourself. Click here or the image below to download the PDF.


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Free March Visiting Teaching Kit! - Scripture Scrolls! - must visit Becca's JustBeccuz site before March 1st, 2010. Click on the image!


This kit demonstrates the need to become scripture scholars and includes:

  • The Entire message printed on aged parchment paper with burnt edges, golden Torah Rollers & a twine seal.

  • A delicious Crock Pot Minestrone Soup recipe

  • Colorful Bookmark with my favorite portion of the message.

  • A Certificate invitation to become a Scholar of the Scriptures (to be signed from the Visiting Teachers).

  • Paper gift bag with a "Scripture Scholar" ribbon/paper seal.

If you're not the winner of the free Visiting Teaching Scrolls, it's okay, luckily she is selling them too.

Visiting Teaching Gifts by Pioneer Party Gift & Copy

These are darling Visiting Teaching Kits and go perfectly with this month's holiday, St. Patrick's Day. Includes the message + symphony bar (chocolate!) + booklet. Has the quote to "Join a Worldwide Symphony of Sisters Studying Scriptures." Soooo clever! Get yours today, these gals make a ton of these because of the high demand and therefore you can order as many as you want, they will just keep making more for you to order.

visiting-teaching-pioneerparty-march2010 visiting-teaching-pioneerparty-march2010-b

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  1. Please proof read - last clue #20 down ye are onlin in the service should read only I am thinking...