General Conference Visiting Teaching (May ‘10)


General Conference links to complete PDF files: English Ensign, Liahona Spanish & Portuguese. Click the following link to go to the New Beta General Conference site where you can watch, listen, read or print the different messages from Conference. It's so cool! Lastly here's the link to the standard General Conference site.

It's General Conference Time! This month we have the privilege to share one (or several) addresses shared during the 180th Annual General Conference, in April 2010 with the sisters we Visit Teach. The Church states “Because the May issues of the Ensign and Liahona contain a report of general conference, the magazines do not contain a specific Visiting Teaching Message. Visiting Teachers are encouraged to prayerfully select a conference address to share with those they teach.” Sweet!

With so many great messages we are bound to find the one, or even a few, that will help our sisters this month and in this time of their life. Share what General Conference gifts or ideas you will or have given your sisters on our Visiting Teaching Facebook Page AKA

Read, Watch, Print PDFs or Listen to General Conference. With so many options there's no excuse not to.


Pre-made General Conference Visiting Teaching Kits & Gifts

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