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June 2006 message, "Renewing Covenants through the Sacrament," is centered on our Savior, Jesus Christ. We make & keep sacred covenants and promise to always remember Him. We can remember Jesus by not only thinking of him, but by being like Him. As children we are taught to think of Jesus during the sacrament, I still think of Him but now I find myself thinking about how to keep our son quiet, and possibly end up making more noise in the process. We purchased a board book for our son which has images of Jesus Christ, the images are amazing. I find myself looking through it during Sacrament meeting and even throughout the week and this has helped me to focus more on Jesus, His life, example and what he's done for me and my family. We all love our "Jesus book." After reading several articles and trying to figure out what would help me and possibly other sisters remember Christ more during the Sacrament, I figured nothing would help more than to look at images of our Savior. These images can be a reminder of: His life, so that we can remember to be like Him; His sacrifice so that we can remember what He has done for us and that He loves us; His resurrection so we can remember our eternal purpose and the reasons we make covenants with our Heavenly Father.


Some great articles which help me to understand the Sacrament are...

P.S. If you've already gone Visiting Teaching this month, which I'm sure all of you have cause you're all great VTers like that, then just gift this to them anytime you see them or mail it to them.

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this month's Jesus Christ Bookmark for Visiting Teachers & even Home Teachers by clicking either the link or image below.



It's meant to be printed 5"x7" and there are 2 bookmarks on 1 5x7.

  1. Save the file to your desktop.

  2. Print @ home, upload it to your favorite online photo printer to pick up at Target, Walmart, Costco, etc... OR save it onto a USB drive and take it to Kinko's and print it on their photo machine.

  3. Cut in half because there are 2 bookmarks on 1 sheet.

Optional: Laminate, trim and punch hole for ribbon.

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  1. Thanks so much for this great bookmark, it goes so well with our RS lesson this week, is perfect for VT AND also for the priesthood holders for a Father's day gift too, -way to go!!

  2. Oh my goodnessss! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that bookmark!!!!!!!!!! thank you! i am going to print those babies out 7 pass them to my sisters on my list... and probably keep one for myself... heck.. i might even give one to my husband & kids and anyone else who i think of :)

  3. This is so beautiful! I'm definitely mailing these to my sisters! Thanks so much!

  4. I just want to thank you for your amazing site!!! I keep a blog for our Ward and have your site linked in our 'Helpful Links' area. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas!! We love them!!! :)

  5. Do you mind making one in Portuguese? Please, please, please!!!
    Words would be:

    sempre se lembra de mim

    3 Néfi 18:7

    Hugs from Brazil
    Danielle Souza