LDS Kitchen Pop-up Card

This card was inspired by my neighbor and BFF, well I know she's my BFF but who knows if I'm hers cause I'm always in debited to her. The most humble gal you'll ever meet, she's my hero! She can manage her home, have FHE every week, do scripture study at 6am w/ her whole fam of 5, make meals from scratch, iron 30+ men's shirts a month, drop anything to help a neighbor, takes meals for peeps who need them without even asking first (she is in-tune), the list could go on forever. REALLY! Anyways, I'm sure we all have friends like her in fact I bet all of you do this too.

So as you all know this month's message is about Strengthening Families and Homes, and this topic helps to remind me of all of the things I NEED to be doing to keep my family together forever. I'm not sure if you all knew this, but my parents divorced when I was 16 and although I have come to love the "new additions," I don't wish it upon anybody. Especially if you can "make-it-work." Some of the ways I believe families "make-it-work" everyday, are outlined in this message; prayer, scripture study & Family Home Evenings. Those are just some of the basics, and yet some of the hardest ones to follow. Now, that I have a family of my own I can see how it must have been hard for my parents to have FHE, family prayer and scripture study. But we can't give up yet, not so soon, we can't give up our forever family because we wanted a little bit more sleep, or wanted to hang out with some friends, a little league game, watch a TV show, or the many other things that can distract me from my ultimate goal.

Anyway, I designed this Pop-up Kitchen Card because I bet we all feel like we live in the kitchen. LOL at least I do and I don't even make things from scratch or have dinner ready every day. But it is perfect for mailing, and I know how much we all love that, so there is no excuse for me not to at least make a contact. My friend has her FHE board in the Kitchen (great reminder area!) so I added one in the card. I love to listen to the scriptures while I'm washing the dishes so I added the scriptures on the counter. And then of course I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cookies so that's my immediate "reward" for doing what I'm supposed to be doing, but we know that in the end I'll be rewarded by getting to keep my family forever. BTW I know it looks more like a baker's kitchen than one who cooks meals, but these graphics from Lettering Delights were just too cute to pass up.

Quote I used on the Rug is from Barbara Thompson, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency.
“Scriptures, family home evening, and family prayer will strengthen families. We need to take every opportunity to strengthen families and support one another to stay on the right path.” 1

Scripture I used on the oven door is D&C 93:40
But I have commanded you to bring up your children in light and truth.

Note: The kitchen also has a little title that says "sweet nothings," it's not meant to say that we're not doing anything, but I was more trying to say that from small and simple things we can help our families stay together. Less stressful but more fun that way. Enjoy!

Download VT Printable Sheet:

Download this month's LDS Kitchen Pop-up Card for Visiting Teachers by clicking either the link or image below. Some graphics by Lettering Delights.

Step-by-Step Pics:

Instructions: (this is actually pretty fast! probably 5 min.)

  1. Save the file to your desktop.

  2. Print @ home, a friends house, upload it to your favorite Office Printing place to print.

  3. Print in Color on white Cardstock (I did use regular paper for the sample in the pictures because I didn't want to pay a lot for my color copies and it did seem to be okay, but think that cardstock would be less flimsy.)

  4. Trim off all the white around the edges of the kitchen. (You should have 2 each being 3.75" x 8"

  5. Fold in half. (mountain fold)

  6. Make 2 folds 2" from the half mark in the opposite direction of the 1st fold. (valley fold)

  7. Cut a piece of cardstock 11"x4.25" to be the outside of the card and fold in half.

  8. OPTIONAL: Add eyelets or brads or anything else you want to add your special touch to it, or just lease it as-is.

  9. Adhere only the "wall" side and the"floor w/ rug" side to the inside of the folded card. Providing at least 0.25" - 0.35" of a mat or margin on all sides.

  10. Fold card and unfold it to see it POP!

  11. As for the outside of the card, you can either add a stamp, add a sticker and ribbon, type something out or just leave it blank. Honestly I totally forgot about the outside of the card but I am sure you ladies can make it look cute without my help.

  12. Insert it into the envelope and mail it. OR use it as a prop while Visiting Teaching.

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  1. What a neet idea. I always loved popup books growing up. They are always an eye catcher. What a blessing that you can be so creative.

  2. What a neet idea. I always loved popup books growing up. They are always an eye catcher. What a blessing that you can be so creative.

  3. This pop-up card is so cute!! I'm impressed.

  4. This is absolutely DARLING!!!! I can't wait to share this with my VT sisters. Just wonderful. How can we ever thank you enough for this and for your newsletter? Bless you!!!!

  5. Hi Linda!!!!!

    It's Raquel from Brazil again!!!! Can you translate this card for me??
    see below:

    Sweet Nothings - Palavras Doces

    Family Home Evening - Noite Familiar
    prayers - orações
    lesson - lição
    treats - guloseimas
    activity - atividade

    The Scriptures - As Escrituras

    D&C 93:40 - "Eu, porém, ordenei que criásseis vossos filhos em luz e verdade."

    “Scriptures, family home evening, and family prayer will strengthen families. We need to take every opportunity to strengthen families
    and support one another to stay on the right path.”
    Barbara Thompson, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency. Ensign July 2010.

    As escrituras, a noite familiar e a oração familiar fortalecerão as famílias. Precisamos aproveitar
    cada oportunidade para fortalecer as famílias e apoiar-nos uns aos outros para permanecermos no caminho certo.”
    Barbara Thompson, segunda conselheira na presidência geral da Sociedade de Socorro. A Liahona, Julho 2010, pg. 7.

    Instructions - Instruções
    1. Imprima o cartão com tinta colorida
    2. Separe e apare os slides
    3. Pegue uma catolina colorida, recorte-a em cartões de 27cm X 11cm e dobre-os ao meio. Marque 5cm de cada lado a partir da dobra feita no meio do pedaço recortado da cartolina
    4. Passe cola apenas na parede e no chão do cartão impresso e cole a cozinha no pedaço de cartolina. Atenção! Antes de colar verifique se o centro dobrado da cozinha está na mesma direção do centro dobrado da cartolina!

  6. Gracias por tu idea, las mprimi y qedaron lindas, hoy las entregare a las familias que me corresponden, Dios te bendiga por tu hermosos talento!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for all the effort you do. I am giving a lesson in YW about special gifts and talents we are given and I am going to share the wonderful talent you share with those of us who don't know how to do all this. Thank you....

  8. Foxmama, You're so welcome! glad you like it. ♥ Linda

  9. Christie, Thanks! I was impressed too. It came out better than I thought it would. LOL I surprise myself all of the time. ♥ Linda

  10. Sharon, You're too sweet! Thanks for taking time to let me know your thoughts and feelings. I just love that I can help you out. ♥ Linda

  11. My sweet Raquel, Thank you so much for the translation. Unfortunately this has turned out to be a busier month that I thought and didn't have time to translate it for you. But I will soon and you'll be able to share it later on as a lesson reminder. :) Thanks for the hard work you put into translating it for me. Honestly I feel bad I didn't get a chance to do it. But I will! Glad you like it so much. Love you to pieces!!! ♥ Linda

  12. Diana, No hay de que. Es un placer poder hacerlo por ustedes. :) Que pena que no tuve tiempo para traducirlo para nuestra hermanitas hispanas. Ojala que lo pueda hacer pronto. Con amor! ♥ Linda

  13. Linda, That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. Seriously, I am sure you have many talents which I hope you are also sharing with them. :) My talent has certainly evolved and I've get better and faster at it with each thing I create and design for you. I guess Heavenly Father thinks it's a good cause, so He helps me to do these for you sisters. I'm so grateful for the talents He has given me and how He helps me to grow and magnify each one. :) Thanks for your sweet comment! Love you! ♥ Linda - BTW what a great name!!! ;)

  14. Linda! Doens't matter... but if you'll have time in the future... i'll waiting it...!!! :)

  15. This is fabulous!!! Thank you so much!