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I love this month's message about "Our Responsibility to Be Worthy of Temple Worship." I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and we got to drive to the Atlanta Georgia Temple to be sealed as a family. I cherish that trip and can still remember that day as if it were yesterday but I was 5yrs old then. It's one of the few things I can remember from before my tween years. I also remember being baptized, the first time I went to the Temple with the Young Women, 2 family vacations, one Priesthood blessing and a couple Family Home Evenings. Everything else must not be as important because I don't remember much after those experiences. If I can only remember the happy and spiritually significant events from my childhood, then obviously they must be of great importance to my life and my existence here on Earth. I'm grateful that my parents chose to be worthy to enter and receive the blessings that come from/with attending the Temple, so that we could be sealed as a family forever.

My husband and I now live in Utah (near the Mt. Timpanogos Temple) and we love going to the Temple on a regular basis, it helps to remind us the covenants we've made to each other and to The Lord. It also helps to remind us of what we have to do daily to be worthy to have a Temple Recommend and to make sure we renew it before it expires. I'm sure most of you are like us and try to visit the local temple when you visit other places while on Vacation and that's always the best part of our trip. Gotta keep your Temple Recommend handy! I've been able to go to the Laie Hawaii Temple, the Orlando Florida Temple and obviously the other ones here in Utah. I know that a lot of sisters still live days away from any Temple and aren't able to go as often as you'd like to, but can still benefit from living worthily to hold a current Temple Recommend and know that you are blessed for it.

Floridians have since been blessed with the Orlando Florida Temple and I highly recommend a visit if you're planning a trip to Disney World.  It brought tears to my eyes and was so happy to heard the Ft. Lauderdale Florida Temple announced in October 2009 General Conference. I can't wait to take a special Family trip to that one.

I thought it be cute to have a Car (made out of paper) with our sister's Family in it. Then I also, a reflection of the Temple on the windshield to show that we are in the parking lot & to show that we should always strive to go to the Temple. This is because of my personal experience of having taken a "road trip" to the Atlanta Georgia Temple when I was 5 to be sealed to my family. I also know that most people don't have the blessing of living near a Temple and probably visit Temples while on Vacation or plan special Temple trips with family or a church group. This Box Car also reminds those of us who do live near Temples, to go to the Temple more often. Even if your kids can't actually enter the Temple it's great to show them the importance of Temple Worship and how much you value it, by going their often.

Here's the quotes which I "graffiti'd" or included on the Family Car:
“Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.” Isaiah 2:3
“Let us return to the temple as often as our circumstances will permit.”
"Let us go to the temple to seal our families eternally.”
How can I claim the blessings of the temple?

The Cool Nissan Murano Paper Car! My dear friend has one so it reminds me of her and decided it was perfect for what I needed. Got the original template is from a Japanese site called Niffty Art66 here. It's sporty enough on the outside for those without children and spacious enough for those with children (unless you have 12 kids), and it's not a Van (I like vans, just don't think everyone does). But if you don't like this SUV there are tons of other ones to choose from here or here, except that they are a little different because I re-did the car template to make it easier for us to make multiples and obviously has cool quotes. I also found other cool Paper Cars here, but they weren't "cartoony" enough to match the cute family peoples. WARNING: Remember, the real Nissan Murano doesn’t have a seat in the back, but this is a cartoon, so it’s just for fun. And I don't really think that you need to go out and get a new car, it's just a fun thing to make. :)

Mix & Match for your sister's Family! I used's Mom, Dad, Kids, Baby Boy, Baby Girl & Class Graphics for the members of the family in the car. You can cut out each window as needed. You can show her and her hubby in the car without any kids if she doesn't have any, you can choose an older couple if they are empty nesters, you can choose to include the whole family, just her alone, or if your sister is single, you can use the Bride & Groom to help remind her that it's her goal.

Download VT Printable Sheet:
Download this month's Family Temple Trip Car for Visiting Teachers & even Home Teachers by clicking either the link or image below.


  1. Print in color on white paper or cardstock. ( I used plain paper for the sample but it looks a little flimsy so maybe cardstock or just between cardstock and regular paper would be better.)

  2. Cut out car with sharp scissors on the outside of all of the black lines. Be careful not to cut off a tab/flap.

  3. Mountain fold all flaps. Valley fold at the base of the front windshield.

  4. Add glue to tabs as you go.

  5. Start gluing each tab in place. Glue the base last.

  6. Optional: Mix-n-match families! Cut out custom family graphics and glue  them over the windows.

Picture Instructions:

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  1. I think this is so cute... I saw it on Lettering Delights before I moved over her and saw your instructions. I also saw the darling Daddy/Daughter invite you did that is on Lettering Delights as an idea. Can you let me know where you got the girl and dad please? I have looked everywhere for a clipart that I can use but no luck. Any help would be sooooo appreciative.

    Love your ideas, creativity and blog. Thanks so much!