General Conference Helps

As many of you may have noticed, this November 2010 General Conference issue of the Ensign/Liahona has some great helps and teaching tools besides the printed text of all the messages shared. Here's an overview with the files which you can print at home for the sisters you Visit Teach in case you feel they need them or if they don't even have a copy of the Ensign or Liahona magazines.

General Authorities Chart: This contained a two-page chart showing the General Authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (most of them anyways, I don't think they would ever be able to fit all of them on 2 sheets of paper.) Here it is for you to download either all on 1 page PDF printed 8.5x14 or a 2 page PDF document which you can print on 2 sheets of 8.5x11 letter size paper.

Conference Story Index: Then we were given a list of Stories. A list of selected stories or experiences from general conference addresses for use in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. What a great way to quickly find the stories you remember, in order to share them with the sisters you Visit Teach. My hubby loves stories and that's what helps him remember the messages of each talk, so he was really excited to find this. The number refers to the first page of the talk in the Ensign magazine. Here's the JPG you can download and then print at home.

RS Meeting Highlights & Story Index: Lastly here is a document which I created to help me with my Relief Society Newsletter this month. This file includes "Highlights" from our General Relief Society Meeting as well as the Story Index mentioned above. I think having this will help us to see what our Relief Society leaders are wanting us to focus on. I also included the Story Index because I think that is such a nifty little chart and has already helped me to identify a talk I wanted to share simply by looking up the story. Just download the PDF and print it!  Remember, you can share any message you feel would help your sisters this month, so if you don't want to share any messages from the General Relief Society Meeting, you don't have to use this document, there are many options.

November 2010 - Pre-made & Handmade Visiting Teaching & Home Teaching Gifts & Kits
These General Conference themed premade gifts are fantastic because they can be used for Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching this month. Since our hubbies are always helping us out, why not help them. I know my hubby is always relying on the gifts and goodies I have ready for him to take with him when he goes Home Teaching. The sisters who designed these gifts and kits chose different messages to focus their kits on, so pick the one you feel will help them the most.

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