General Conference Journal Page

I've been wanting to start a General Conference Journal. So here's my chance here in 2011! After sharing it with our ward I figured I'd share it with you all too. Seriously, there were so many cute ideas out there for Youth, Primary and even Nursery! I wanted something that wasn't super "showy" for adults and not too cutesy that guys wouldn't like it either. Something that would help me concentrate on General Conference and help me get the most out of it. I also wanted to make sure I could take notes and then set goals.

There are a few sections which I'll explain for fun:

  • The obvious...speaker, calling, session and date sections for in the heading.

  • Quotes = for word for word quotes that I am actually able to write down quick enough.

  • Notes = for just random thoughts and notes which aren't actual quotes.

  • Share Inspiration = sometimes I think that I could share a message with a friend or family member or especially a sister I Visit Teach but I usually forget what that was after the fact. So This little section will help me remember when I review who I thought I needed to share a message or inspiration with.

  • Prophet and Apostles = just lists the names of the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles, so that we can get used to spelling their names correctly. ;)

  • Scriptures = jot down any scripture references.

  • Goals = Sometimes inspiration leads to setting new goals or changing some you already have. So this is where you can take note of those goals, because we all know we need to write them down.

  • Topic Cloud = Sometimes, one speaker can cover a lot of topics in their message. For example, pride, humility and prayer could be spoken about in the same talk. Just add as many topics as you'd like in the topic section so that you can remember what stood out to you when listening to the talk.


  1. Click image above or this link to download the PDF.

  2. Print off as many pages of these as you'd like or need for each session.

  3. 3 hole punch the prints or copies

  4. Insert them into a 3 ring binder and voila!

Hand them out to the sisters you Visit Teach or families you Home Teach.

Hope we all have awesome General Conference inspiration this weekend!


  1. I love it! I'm mentioning and linking to this page on my blog tomorrow! =)

  2. This is REALLY well thought out! Thanks! I just posted it on facebook and hope to print some out for October :D

  3. I am not the most oganized person you might meat. So when I came across this Conference Journal I am excited to try it out at the October Conference. Thank you so much

  4. It's been many years since I took notes during Conference. I've decided to attempt to this time around. My goal is to document any spiritual promptings I receive during the talks. I've felt things, and then forgot them because I did not write it down. This printout seems perfect for what I want to accomplish. Thank you!